Wisdomwhere Updates for Jan 2020

Wisdomwhere UpdatesHappy New Year!

We’d love to hear what features you are most interested in as we enter 2020. There is a link to a new survey at the bottom of this email.

New Features

Ad Hoc Approval Workflows

Wisdomwhere has a brand new Approval Workflow module that can be used to streamline any type of approval process in your organization. You can use approval workflows to approve and track a variety of things including travel requests, out of district professional development requests, purchases, expense reimbursement, and more. The approval forms are fully customizable with an easy to use drag and drop interface. The workflow process can be as simple or detailed as you like with unlimited people involved in the process and as many branching conditions as you need. Requests can be linked to your organization's goals, objectives, budget codes and more. There is also a powerful reporting module that is included with this feature to allow you to create and save reports on any of the approval requests. Contact us to learn more about this feature if you would like to implement it in your organization.


  • Registrant’s district has been added to the Print Personal Session List report for Conferences.
  • You can allow admins to override the "Allow registrants to enroll in multiple sessions" event setting on the fly. Let us know if you want us to turn this on for your site
  • If your district is part of a “Peer Group”, you can now choose to automatically include sessions from peer districts in the search results. Contact us if you would like this option turned on. We had a short time period where these results were included for all our peer group sites, so if you liked having the peer results included automatically, this is the option for you.


  • The unregister email was sometimes sent to a registrant when an admin tried to unregister them from a session but could not because they were marked attended.
  • The admin registration form would not clear out the previous registrant after registration when loading a registrant with the Find button.
  • Admins were sometimes unable to mark a registrant as not attended if they previously unregistered someone on the admin registration form, stayed on the form and loaded a different registrant.
  • Conference sessions with multiple instructors cut off the list of instructors in the new conference layout if it was very long.
  • There as an error searching for events in the Advanced search options when sorting by month and choosing both a month and category as the search criteria.
  • The Print Personal Session List report for conferences was duplicating sessions when All Registrants was chosen.

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