Wisdomwhere Updates for Feb 1, 2019

Wisdomwhere Updates
We published the following updates today.


  • Added the ability to customize the submit button text on the registration page separately from the button displayed on the session page.
  • Registration Cut-Off Date & Display End Date used 12:00 AM of the date listed. Because these are “endings” it makes more sense to use 11:59:59 PM. If you would like help updating these values for your sessions, please contact support.
  • Changed the proxy registration dropdown descriptor from “Please Select” to “Select Building”.


  • Error when someone visits an “internal” page without having visited one of the site’s main pages or an address that doesn’t have your unique identifier.
  • Blocked registrants could unblock themselves by modifying their profile.
  • The selected session was lost when clicking the “Register” button in the blue menu bar on the attendance page if any session other than the first was selected.
  • An error when saving a session as “Incomplete”.
  • Cost, Cost2 and Cost2 Date were not copied when a registrant had selected the unit type record to be copied.
  • The Team Registration option on public registration was missing position-based choices.
  • The Team Registration invitation was not replacing [SessionDetails] in the body of the email.
  • Public buttons had vertical lines displayed when registrant logged out.
  • Error creating an account during the registration process when using the 2nd registration form option.
  • Error merging registrants when registrant interests were included in the profile.

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