Wisdomwhere Updates for August 2019

Wisdomwhere UpdatesThis release includes a new search option, improvements and bug fixes.

New Feature

There is a new event search page available that loads much faster and reduces the number of clicks for a registrant to find the session they are interested in. Sessions are immediately displayed, sorted by date. You can turn this on in the Navigation and Search in the System Configuration section. Check “Search Results as Sessions ”


  • You can export the registrants of a session to CSV or Excel on the Registrant List page. We also added the option to search by Registrant ID here.
  • The date section at the top of attendance sheets is now smaller and more compact.
  • Conference Registration
    • Temporary instructors are now displayed in the WHO section of the breakout session details popup on public conference pages.
      The session description was displayed on the main conference page and in the session details popup, which caused unnecessary scrolling. We’ve removed that section from the popup.
    • If a conference legend text is blank, it will not be displayed on the public page.
    • Conference breakout sessions can have alternating colors based on the sort order (even is teal, odd is orange). Both colors are now displayed in the public conference legend.
    • The expand/collapse of conference breakouts now works independently of selecting a master session for registration. This allows registrants to explore the available breakouts without getting a warning that they must select a breakout.
    • Registrants will now see the conference session Presenter & Room Number on the Event Details page accessed from their upcoming events.
  • You can now see who is on a waiting list on the public roster page if your organization has opted to have a public roster available.
  • You can choose to sort the instructor list by either last name, first name or first name, last name on the session maintenance page. Contact us if you would like to change your sort order.
  • There are now two new options on the Name Badge page. The first is a 2” x 4” – 10 per sheet label that displays the registrant’s name and district. The second is a 2-1/3” x 3-3/8” – 8 per sheet label with 2 lines of customizable text and a logo. The text on this label is centered over the registrant’s name.
  • The Unit/Cost table on a registration page now shows the description added in session maintenance.
  • A registrant’s completed evaluations are now sorted by the session number.


  • An administrator’s view of a registrant’s transcript disappeared when sorted by the session end date.
  • The registration cutoff date was going into effect at 12:00 AM instead of 11:59 PM.
  • Profile renewal displayed a registration key field when accessed during registration for a conference that had a registration key set.
  • The registration key for conferences accepted any value.
  • The URL included in the social buttons for Facebook and Twitter is now that of the event or session that is on screen.
  • The new event form wasn’t showing the ! for the required fields Target Audience, Syllabus, Learner Outcomes, & Funding Source when those were required based on client settings.
  • A space has been added after the comma between Last Name & First Name on the Attendance Sheets.
  • The PDE Report (PA customers) missing was missing a page break when running in Firefox.

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