Wisdomwhere Updates - August 9, 2018

This release includes a few improvements and many bug fixes.


  • Added a new column to attendance sheet to display registrants as “Last Name, First Name”
  • Added a preview button to the attendance sheet setup


  • Nightly emails timeout
  • Client setting "Disable Email Confirmations How Many Days After Start Date" not being honored when adding a new event
  • Interests only displayed when there is a sub-interest when adding or editing an event
  • Calendar tab displaying when viewing by month even when the Calendar flag = False
  • "Registration restricted to" displays when RestrictByBuilding = False when adding or editing an event
  • Custom form field grid disappeared when deleting custom fields
  • Totals are displayed on the admin side when HideCreditTotalsonTranscript = True
  • Fix admin background gradient on Chrome
  • Removed the PD Programs section on the Edit Events page
  • Report Breadcrumb says Transcript regardless of origin page
  • Conference confirmation email shows wrong session location
  • Error received when searching by the instructor with an apostrophe in their name
  • Waitlist message popped up on attendance page when the number of participants is equal to the max participants
  • Registrants were sent to the login page after clicking to see event details
  • Occasional errors on the admin Event Status Report when searching by Event.
  • Custom reports needed the instructor number instead of name to find sessions
  • Problem with the event drop-down when looking for past or expired sessions on the admin Registration Page
  • Breadcrumbs did not match what was entered for the menu settings when the word “List” was included
  • Incomplete events list did not show the unit type on the registrant's log
  • Instructor bio displayed oddly during admin conference registration
  • Custom report error when making changes to a new report
  • Error during group registration when the special needs value was 0 for registrants
  • Searching for events by Instructor didn't display the instructors in alphabetic order
  • There was a space before email addresses with a hyperlink on public session details page
  • Printing Mailing Labels and Name Badges showed events marked for Storage in the event dropdown when that choice wasn’t selected
  • Team members were not sorted alphabetically on the admin team lists
  • Removed the hardcoded text "All information subject to change.....This disclaimer is easily configurable by the system administrator!" from instructor sessions
  • There was no breadcrumb link back to the User List when editing a user
  • The instructor email address and home phone number were always displayed even if Public was not checked on the user maintenance screen
  • When the public checkbox for Address was checked it only displayed the city and state field
  • If the public checkbox for Work Phone and Fax was checked they were not displayed on the public side
  • Removed the Instructor/Bio button and instead displayed text from the Bio/Info field in user maintenance on the public side
  • Removed the Bio/Info label when that data is not entered
  • The instructor name was not a clickable link to display the instructor bio information for conferences


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