Wisdomwhere Release Notes - May 1, 2018

Professional Development Registration Software Updates

This release includes a few improvements and bug fixes.


  • Added the option to search by a Conference Master Session Number and get a list of all Breakout Sessions in Custom Reports.
  • Added the option to include and search for a Credit Card Transaction ID in Custom Reports.
  • Add Checkbox as a data type to Custom Form Fields. This allows you to collect multiple values for a single custom form field.
  • Improved the speed of the course and session searchable dropdowns on the admin forms.
  • Added a Past checkbox Session Status choices on the admin forms. These are sessions that have a start date in the past.
  • Check Past and Incomplete by default when searching for sessions on the admin forms.
  • If a registrant is made inactive, but not blocked, they will get a popup telling them their account is inactive and offering to reactivate it. In Wisdomwhere, accounts are inactivated automatically have they haven’t logged in for a specified number of months (unique to your organization). This pop up save the administrator from having to reactivate registrants.


  • Removed HTML from the CSV file when exporting a custom report.
  • The PO Number was not showing on the admin Payment Voucher report.
  • Credit Notes were not aligning properly on the public session page.
  • Event selection in the drop-down was not being saved when going from session maintenance to event maintenance.
  • Conference Session dropdown was not being remembered when navigating between the conference and sessions.
  • A conflicting session message was displaying for a session the registrant was already registered for.
  • Removed the Save Changes to All Sessions when adding a new event.
  • Fixed the public link for categories to only show the intended categories.
  • Removed an extra @ symbol from the contact section of the public session page.
  • Fixed an error a registrant would receive by clicking an arrow instead of a number to go to next page on the printable transcript page.
  • The blue bar was not displaying correctly on the attendance page.
  • Some active evaluations where not displaying in the drop-down on the admin session page.
  • PO instructions were not displaying on the registration form.

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