Wisdomwhere Release Notes - March 22, 2018

This release included small improvements and fixes to problems encountered.


  • Added a Register link to the blue menu bar on the Attendance page.
  • Brought more attention to the registration closed message by changing the styling and repeating the warning at the top and bottom of the public session details page.
  • Moved the Team Instructions above Registration Key & Registration Key Prompt on the Session maintenance page.
  • Registration Cutoff Date now begins at 12 AM on the date listed.
  • Display End Date now begins at 12 AM on the date listed.
  • Display the Session Description on the main page of the new Conference layout. Contact support if you would like to see the new conference design and don’t already have that feature turned on.
  • Changed the styling and content of the Conflict Resolutions Notification to include the Event Title, Session Title, Conflicting Date and Time.
  • Added a Date Created/Created By section to the registrant profile page on the admin side.
  • Removed the Sr column from days and units. It was a row counter.
  • Removed Custom Form Field color codes indicating the data type because the yellow and orange didn’t have enough contrast to display well and we now include the data type in the list of custom fields.


  • The Attendance page was not saving a credit type change when the credit was optional and exclusive.
  • There was a typo in the Inactive Account message on the public login page.
  • Registrant Broadcast was not completing when encountering odd characters in an email address. We also improved the error message about invalid emails on the broadcast page.
  • Error adding registrant profiles with an email address that included an apostrophe.
  • Optional Custom Form fields were disabled inappropriately during registration.
  • Error creating a session when the Cost/Cost2/Hours were blank.

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