Wisdomwhere Release Notes April 11, 2018

Wisdomwhere is consistently improved 

This release will include new features, a few improvements and bug fixes.

New Features

  • Waitlist Report
  • Billing Checkboxes


  • HTML Editor for Registration Form Description field


  • Copying Custom Report only copied up to 5 criteria.
  • Error editing registrant when there is a comma in the Registrant ID.
  • Hide under-subscribed and incomplete session notifications on the main menu for sessions that are in the past.
  • Incomplete sessions in the past were listed as expired instead of Incomplete.
  • List of prerequisites events not sorted alphabetically.
  • Instructor bio not opening from the public session details page.
  • Attendance changes failed to save if the size of the attendance list was changed.
  • Error editing and merging a registrant with an apostrophe in the Registrant ID.
  • Changed “Require registrant to attend entire conference?” to “Require choice on every page of a multi-page conference” in order to better describe what the feature does.

New professional devleopment registration features

New Features

Waitlist Report

On the Attendance page, you will now see a Waitlist Report link in the blue menu bar. In the section with session statistics, you will see a count of registrants on the waitlist. The report is also available from the main menu under Reports. This will give you a list of registrants on a waitlist for sessions. You can search by Event Name, Session Number, Location, and Start Date.

Billing Checkboxes

We’ve added two checkboxes to the Attendance page. These are “Ready For Billing” and “Billing Complete”. These are only viewable to Admin users. The checkboxes are also included in Custom Reports so you can do reporting on the billing status of a session.

The checkboxes can be used in conjunction with another new feature that was added before we started doing these newsletters. That is a setting in Payment Types for “Do not modify Balance or Payment Status”.

Do not modify Balance or Payment Status

This setting can only be turned on if “Fulfill Payment Requirement” is checked. When checked, it allows the payment type to be selected for sessions that have a cost and “Require Payment Upon Registration” is checked. Payment types that fulfill the payment requirement would mark the registrant paid and set the balance to 0. If you check “Do not modify Balance or Payment Status”, the balance will stay at whatever is calculated during checkout and the registrant will not be marked Paid.

Used in conjunction with the billing checkboxes, you can run reports for the billing office so invoices can be generated.

Please contact support if you would like the Billing checkboxes turned on for your site.



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