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K-12s Best Professional Development Management Software Launches New Approval Module

Wisdomwhere has added a robust new Ad Hoc Approval Workflow module to its highly configurable, cloud-based professional development registration platform.

TRAVERSE CITY, Michigan, January 20, 2020 — The company behind the industry’s most innovative and powerful professional development registration app announced today that it has developed and added a new Ad Hoc Approval Workflow to its highly configurable cloud-based platform. Wisdomwhere’s new module includes the ability to create approval processes as simple or complex as your organization needs, robust reporting, and completely customizable data collection forms.


Professional development management was offered by Wisdomwhere prior to this launch, but the functionality has been enhanced with a new set of features. Users now have the ability to create approval forms with a drag and drop interface.  It allows designated approvers to easily approve PD requests, travel requests, and purchase requests. Requests can be tied to a district’s goals, objectives, budget codes and more.


Workflow rules can route requests to different approvers based on the value of any field in the form. For example, if you add a cost field to a form, the request could be routed to only one approver if the value is zero. If the cost is greater than zero, it could be sent to a series of approvers. In addition, you can add users to the workflow that should only receive notifications but have no need to approve the request.

“The release of this module will not only enhance our current solution but, more importantly, streamline our customers’ processes with software that solves numerous problems,” said Frank McGraw, President of Solutionwhere. He went on to say “This is our way of showing our clients that we’re listening and truly appreciate the feedback they provide us.”

The approval module will seamlessly integrate into the system for both new and existing Wisdomwhere users, and will receive support from an implementation specialist to create a fully customized solution.


Solutionwhere provides cloud based, professional development registration and management software designed to help the K-12 schools, educational service agencies, and other organizations streamline their registration processes. Solutionwhere provides a comprehensive solution that helps organizations reduce the time spent manually managing PD by up to 80%. Solutionwhere is committed to providing its customers with outstanding customer service and evolving Wisdomwhere with the needs of the rapidly changing education market.

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