Upgrade to Wisdomwhere

Why Upgrade to Wisdomwhere

A smart, intuitive time saver for courses, seminars, workshops or any training-related services.

Coursewhere™ is a powerful Professional Development Management System designed for educational organizations that offer courses, conferences, seminars, workshops, or any training-related services.

Coursewhere is easy to use and has a nationwide track record of successful PD management. By consolidating information, structuring data collection, and streamlining the reporting process, Coursewhere can reclaim hundreds of hours of valuable administrative time, provide more timely and accurate services, and reduce PD management workload.

Coursewhere was originally designed to manage structured catalog-based PD events like classes, workshops, online courses, and conferences and provide a basic approval process for events outside of the client's Coursewhere catalog.

With the release of our new Wisdomwhere module, Coursewhere can now help you create and manage full scope PD programs that not only incorporate your structured CW catalog events but also allow you to include unstructured activities like reading a book or classroom visits as needed.

We've also included the ability to blend outside events or courses and college or university work into PD programs. Each one of these capabilities can include an unlimited approval chain as appropriate.

Coupled all of this with the ability to handle instructors, locations, custom reporting, group registrations, certificates, transcripts, credit card, POs, resource management, data uploads to legacy systems, and much more -  and you have the most powerful PD management tool available.

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