About Us

Solutionwhere, Inc. has been providing web-based applications to school districts, K12 service agencies, Adult Ed providers and state agencies since 1996.

If your organization is reviewing the status quo and looking to save money while improving productivity, we'd like to learn more about your vision.

Our scalable professional development (PD) Management tools will help you easily replicate best practices throughout your system with customizable PD programs built around unlimited combinations of activities and delivery strategies.

Rolled out in stand-alone modules if needed or as a fully integrated system, our PD management solutions will take what you and your LEAs are already doing - or want to do - and make everything faster, easier, more flexible, and more organized.  You also get simultaneous automatic feedback and access to detailed information wherever it's needed.

Solutionwhere offers these scalable solutions: 

Wisdomwhere™: Our Professional Learning Catalog Management solution for online registrations, waitlist management, classes, workshops, in-services, seminars, online courses, conference breakout sessions, video conferencing, and other enrollment-based events, including custom data collection and reporting. The PD program management option allows outside events and post-grad credit tracking, certification tracking, and management, unlimited structured activities like workshops.  User-defined delivery strategies like mentoring or classroom visits, all with instant oversight and a built-in approval system. Easily monitors groups (new educators) or individuals and allows modification at the LEA level as needed.

Central PD Registry: A consortium or statewide central registry where educators can securely view all PD credits earned, take required surveys for each newly-completed PD course, print personalized certificates-of-completion, and print official transcripts. It can also feed state Certification or HR systems. Credits earned are fed automatically from Coursewhere or uploaded via CSV file (non-Coursewhere) as courses are completed at LEA.

Central PD Approval System: LEA-submitted courses, workshops, and conferences are approved and automatically posted in real time to a consortium-wide PD course catalog. This links into Coursewhere for an integral online registration process managed by the sponsor of the event.

From Small LEA to Statewide Programs
We're in over 33 states and have the experience to deliver at the smallest LEA level or system-wide at the state level. A Solutionwhere partnership includes immediate implementation and long-term enhancements and support.  Our support is available 24/7:365.

Contact us to learn more about how Solutionwhere can craft a partnership with you.