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    REMC Virtual Courses

    The REMC Virtual Courses are free and open to Michigan school personnel. You can take courses “just to learn” or you can complete all assignments. SCECH credits are available for successful course completion.

    Below is a multi-month schedule of course offerings. You may register for these courses at any time but note that courses have different start/end dates.

    Courses take place over three weeks.  Each consists of two one-hour webinars and four hours of resource review, assessment development and written reflection and six SCECH credits are available. Exception: the What, Why, and How of Open Educational Resources (OER) course takes nine hours and nine SCECH credits are available.

    Check the REMC Virtual Course FAQ for answers to often asked questions.

    These courses are available through an agreement between Presidio/Dell and the REMC Association through its REMC SAVE device purchasing program.

Event Session Information
Days 1
Scheduled Date/Time
07/09/2018 12:00 AM-11:59 PM
Title Authentic Learning and Gamification
Seats Remaining 18
Session Contact Summer Franck5173279263
Instructor(s) John McCarthy
Description: 6 hours of SCECH Credit

Authentic Learning and Gamification

Participants explore many elements for game mechanics that can be used for classrooms instruction. The course examines the purpose and use of Gamification and Game-Based Learning and how they each provide rich and unique experiences for student learning of curriculum. The course itself models the Gamification style so that participants receive a deep experience of how Gamification work and they will take part in some games that reflect the Game-Based Learning approach. In the end, participants will develop learning experiences that incorporate Gamification, with the option for Game-Based Learning.

Course Outcomes:

Driving Question: How can we design game-like experiences that lead to authentic learning?

1. Understanding authentic student learning via gamification.
2. Explore game theory for learning implementation.
3. Design a lesson, unit, or assessment using gamification approaches.

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