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Training Model Subcategory

      ASCA Legal and Ethical Complications of Working with Minors in Schools Workshop [A]
Target group: Counselors, interventionists, social workers, psychologists

The school environment poses competing interests between a studentís need for confidentiality and the legal rights of parents, as established by the U.S. Supreme Court, to be the guiding voice in their childrenís lives in value-laden issues. Participants will develop an ethical decision-making framework for analyzing and resolving ethical issues through the application of American School Counselor Association Ethical Standards, case and statutory law, school board rules and community standards.

Through small-group and large-group discussion of 40 case studies, participants will be given the opportunity to increase their understanding of the complexities of respecting a minorís right to confidentiality, to develop a sensitivity to the need to consider their actions in context of each situation for each individual student and to understand the rights of parents. Discussion topics will include areas such as:

  • confidentiality and duty to warn
  • minorsí rights to privacy
  • counselorsí responsibilities toward suicidal children
  • civil and criminal liability
  • sexually active minor clients
  • birth control
  • abortion counseling
  • defamation
  • child abuse
  • HIV-positive students
  • case notes and educational records
  • malpractice in academic advising
  • sexual harassment
  • the Hatch Amendment
  • guidance curriculum and personal conduct

This class will be taught by Dr. Carolyn Stone, ASCA Ethics Chair.
      Design a Relationship-Based Classroom
Target group: PreK-12 teachers

Discover why creating positive, trusting relationships with students is the most effective classroom management strategy! Participants will learn how the child/teen brain works, understand how to recognize emotions, and practice using relationship-based strategies such as therapeutic limit setting, offering choices, and problem solving. Additionally, participants will understand the importance of consistent classroom rules, expectations, and routines. Lastly, participants will explore the power of apologies and imperfect teaching while learning how to model self-compassion, self-care, and self-regulation.


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