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Note: Courses with [A] have available sessions.
Professional Study Group Model Subcategory

      Eagle Crest Elementary - Happy Teachers Change the World
Target group: Eagle Crest primary teachers

Teachers will read the book Happy Teachers Change the World. Studying mindfulness and implementing it with students will change the way that students interact with each other. This can make such a better learning environment for all where every idea is welcomed and students will feel like they matter and their ideas matter.
      Erie High School - New Teacher Ropes [A]
Target group: Teachers new to EHS

This group will discuss issues related to procedures such as purchasing, time documentation, obligations, technology issues, IC, and other questions and concerns that arise.
      Legacy Elementary - Zones of Regulation
Target group: Legacy Elementary teachers

This group will read Zones of Regulation and create manipulative/tools for school-wide implementation.
      Niwot High School - 9th Grade Transition [A]
Target group: 9th grade teachers and support staff

This group will develop and implement a variety of new processes in the classroom and administratively.
      Niwot High School - Coffee and Classroom Management [A]
Target group: NHS teachers

This group will read one chapter of the book, "Discipline in the Secondary Classroom," per meeting. In between meetings, teachers on the PST will be assigned / or will choose at least one to two classroom management strategies learned in the most recent chapter to implement in their classrooms. At the following meetings, teachers will discuss their successes / struggles with the strategies they implemented and what they would change in the future.
      Northridge Elementary - Departmentalizing 5th Grade in Action [A]
Target group: NREL 5th grade team

This group will meet prior to the beginning of the year to plan the first six weeks of morning meeting to ensure community building with responsive classroom and growth mindset and set up individual student learning spaces including curriculum, supplies and technology. They will also meet weekly to discuss student learning based on data analysis from progress monitoring and plan accordingly.
      Scheduling at Mead (S@M) Committee [A]
This group will create the master schedule for Mead Elementary for the year.
      Self-Care for Interventionists Fall 2018 [A]
This group will discuss the book "Simple Self-care for Therapists" by Ashley Davis Bush and incorporate self-care practices into every meeting.
      Skyline High School - Mentoring [A]
Target group:SHS Mentors

This group will:

  • collaborate on district support documents (like Tier 1, learning/teaching cycle, 6 essential components to learning tech, etc.),
  • discuss mentoring texts (Jim Knight), giving feedback (Radical Candor)
  • reflect on mindsets and other texts that members bring to the group

This process will be an opportunity to grow in professional practice as learners and leaders within SHS while supporting new teacher growth.
      Thunder Valley K8 - Visible Learning for Teachers
Target group: TVK8 teachers only

This group will read, discuss, and collaborate around the book Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning by John Hattie.


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