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Note: Courses with [A] have available sessions.
Professional Study Group Model Subcategory

      Book Study: Brief Counseling that Works
Target group: School counselors, mental health interventionists and social workers

This group will be read the book Brief Counseling that Works: A Solution-Focused Therapy Approach for School Counselors and Other Mental Health Professionals. Via an online community on Schoology, they will discuss each chapter of the book and brainstorm ways to apply the learning to daily practice. They will also support one another in the application of these principles in the daily work with students, so as to facilitate and grow each other´s practice.
      Centennial Elementary PBIS Study Team
Target group: CNEL teachers

Thsi team will:

  • Research behavior intervention ideas and classroom management strategies
  • Recreate school behavior documents such as flow chart, expectations, documentation forms, reflection forms, and posters for halls.
      Erie High School - Mindfulness Book Study
Target group: EHS teachers

This group will read Mindfulness for Teachers: Simple Skills for Peace and Productivity in the Classroom by Patricia Jennings. They will have weekly meeting about the readings and:

  • implement the strategies found in the book
  • discuss successes and challenges to the strategies
  • find and implement other mindfulness strategies and resources that may include other books and apps (such as Calm and Headspace)
  • create tools for mindfulness appropriate for a high school classroom, such as sensory bottles and mindfulness coloring pages.
      Erie High School - Teacher Ropes
Target group: Teachers new to EHS

This group will discuss issues related to procedures such as purchasing, time documentation, obligations, technology issues, and other questions and concerns that arise.
      Is It Sensory or Behavior? [A]
Target group: District OTs

This group will read the text Is It Sensory or Is It Behavior? Behavior Problem Identification, Assessment, and Intervention. This book includes case studies to analyze and diagrams and flow charts to study to guide thought process.
      Longmont High School - US History - A Thematic View Curricular Development [A]
This group will develop a vocationally and collegiate-ready curriculum based on Project-Based Inquiry models.
      Longs Peak Middle School - Lost at School [A]
Target group: LPMS teachers

This group will read Lost at School: Why Our Kids with Behavioral Challenges are Falling Through the Cracks and How We Can Help Them by Ross Greene. They will dialogue between each other, and put their learnings into action throughout the book study in order to support the most difficult students.
      Mead Middle School - The Growth Mindset Coach
Target group: Mead MS teachers

This group will be read the book The Growth Mindset Coach. Teachers will read chapters and then try out the different activities from each chapter in their classrooms. Teachers will then discuss online with their peers how things are going and what they are seeing. The goal would be at the end of the book study to take the ideas learned from the book and the experiences of the teachers and then apply them to the whole school.
      Niwot High School Design Advisory Group
The teachers on this committee are promoting the Future Ready Schools Framework which has been introduced to the district to make sure that the new spaces support best teaching practices. The teachers will be researching and contributing ideas in addition to input from district representatives, building administration, community members and student representatives.

They will be go through various exercises with the architects to determine what is wanted and needed. These needs and wants will range from functionality to aesthetics to safety to staffing availability concerns. Teachers will be representing the interests of the faculty at NHS.
      Old Columbine High School - Alternative School SPF Measures
Target group: OCHS staff

This group will research different testing measures to find one that will be a more authentic measure of student growth and achievement for OCHS.
      Scheduling at Mead (S@M) Committee
This group will create the master schedule for Mead Elementary for the year.
      Silver Creek High School - Topic Study on Grit
Target group: SCHS MTSS team will facilitate the topic study, but this study is open to all SCHS teachers.

This group will read Thomas Hoerr’s SHORT book Fostering Grit and research and begin creating strategies and ideas on how Silver Creek HS can embed “grit” within the teaching and culture.
  • What would this look like for SCHS culture?
  • How to model that behavior for students?
  • How to teach grit and growth mindset? - actual lessons? Strategies?
      Skyline High School - Mindsets Matter 2
Target group: SHS teachers

This group´s main focus will be a differentiated book study where teachers new to the idea of Growth vs. Fixed Mindsets can read Dweck´s book: Growth Mindset: The New Psychology of Success; those who have read that before can delve deeper and look at becoming leaders with a growth mindset by reading The Innovator´s Mindset by George Couros, and those who want to look at ways to specifically apply it to their classrooms can use either Mindsets in the Classroom by Ricci, Creating Innovators by Tony Wagner, or Mathematical Mindsets by Jo Boaler.

They will then use what is read to discuss findings, ah-ha´s, and questions as well as apply strategies to their own lives and classrooms, teaching and empowering students around this idea, too.
      Sunset Middle School - The Innovator´s Mindset
Target group: SMS teachers

This group will read The Innovator´s Mindset by George Couros and Positive Dog by John Gordon. This group will continue to gain more knowledge on how students learn and how they can succeed. Teachers want students to have a positive outlook so they can be more successful. Sunset hopes to focus on the growth mindset and be innovative in teaching and learning as the school continues their IB focus.
      Thunder Valley K8 - Removing the Mask - GT Students in Poverty
Target group: TVK8 teachers

This study will focus on increasing efficacy and capacity for interested and invested TVK8 educators around giftedness in poverty.

They will use the book by Ruby Payne - Removing the Mask : How to Identify and Develop Giftedness in Students from Poverty to study and examine the underachievement and under identification of students in poverty for giftedness and high achievement.

Teachers will
  • learn strategies for impacting students
  • create an understanding of achievement and giftedness in poverty
  • discover strategies for reaching GT students in poverty
  • unpack expectations around what giftedness looks like from personal experience that may not echo and resemble the experiences of students
      Timberline PK8 - Help for Billy [A]
This group will read Help for Billy by Heather Forbes to increase awareness of Trauma Informed Care. They will use the ideas and strategies to work with each other to better understand their students.
      Trail Ridge Middle School - Lost at School Book Study [A]
Target group: TRMS staff

TRMS teachers and administrators have voiced concerns around student behavior. This group´s goal is to improve current behavior responses school-wide and give staff tools for responding to student behavior.

They plan to read the book, Lost at School, by Ross Greene and meet with the MTSS Team to implement new strategies to meet the behavioral needs of TRMS´s student population.


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