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Note: Courses with [A] have available sessions.
Professional Study Group Model Subcategory

      Best Instructional Practices in Special Education [A]
Target group: Special Education teachers (all levels)

Educators will collaborate to identify and reflect upon best practice methodologies to deliver instruction.
      Books to Support Student Learning 3 [A]
Target group: Northridge Elementary licensed and classified staff are encouraged to attend. Staff from other buildings will need prior approval.

All of the books chosen for this class have themes of building a powerful and cohesive classroom climate that enables optimal academic and social growth in students. The goal is to help students feel physically and emotionally safe in school so that they can learn at their best and to develop self-discipline and the skills needed for working and learning cooperatively with others.

To receive .5 credit, participants will read one book. To receive 1 credit, participants will read two books. There will be four class sessions for discussion and planning.

The books to choose from are:
  • Responsive School Discipline by Chip Wood and Babs Freeman-Liftis
  • Morning Meeting by Roxann Kriete and Carol Davis
  • The Power of Our Words by Paula Denton
  • The First Six Weeks of School by Paula Denton and Roxann Kriete
      Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain - Book Study
Target group: PK-12 teachers, counselors, administrators

Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) is a way to help teachers support the diverse learners served in SVVSD. This group will read and discuss Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain by Zaretta Hammond. This study will provide strategies and insights that teachers can take with them into their classrooms. This PST will focus on how to build rigorous cognitive development strategies into instruction in order to support students in becoming independent learners.

There will be online discussions that require participants to comment and respond to each other about each chapter. Each chapter will have focus questions and a task related to the reading.

There will be 2 face-to-face meetings for participants to have an opportunity to do some gap analysis related to their schools, discuss conception/misconceptions related to CRT, and collaborate around next steps.
      Design Thinking: Connecting Mindfulness and SEL
Target group: This is for school teams and is usually arranged through the school counselor. The sessions take place at the participating schools.

Interested in opening some Mindful Doorways, practicing Mindfulness and re-connecting with yourself? Would you like to explore educational activities that nurture Mindfulness and SEL and use these tools in your personal and professional life?

Through a team effort, we will create educational activities (grade level) and connect these with Mindfulness Techniques. Cultivating Mindfulness practices and social-emotional skills within yourself helps you to model these skills in your personal life as well as for students. When you are fully present, you teach better. When students are fully present, the quality of their learning is better. Itís a Ďwin-winí equation that can transform teaching and learning.

Together we can create "teachable moments and learning."
      Frederick High School - Jumpstart Planning and Analysis [A]
Target group: FHS feeder system teachers

This group will research the previous Jumpstart programs and how they were designed and then research and analyze national strategies on how to engage and retain 9th graders in order to help them be successful in high school. They will work with the counselors, coaches and clubs on extra curricular options and ways to get 9th grade students involved and some ways to reduce stress and depression and increase study skills.

All of this research will be combined to create a summer program for incoming 9th graders. This group will take notes and surveys and reflect on the immediate success of the program.
      Frederick High School Integration of Text Adoption with Technology [A]
Target group: FHA science teachers

This group will work collaboratively to develop lab activities that align with science standards and newly adopted materials. Time will be spent actively using the probeware to identify specific science standards which can be aligned with science curriculum. Individual and group work time will focus on implementation of the technology and curriculum development.
      Innovation Academy Exploration
Target group: Teachers, all grade levels

This group will do research and collaborate to share their findings (via Schoology, since the course will be asynchronous), come to observe the instruction happening during the academy at their convenience, and develop next steps for integrating this type of instruction into their classroom and pedagogy.

Below are dates that teachers can observe and work with the instructors at the academy.

Teachers MUST contact one of the instructors via e-mail in order to gain access to either building. IF THEY DO NOT, there will be no access.

    Wednesday, June 6
    9 am - 12 pm @ IBM
    Thursday, Jule 7
    9 am - 12 pm @ IBM
    Friday, June 8
    9 am - 12 pm @ IBM
    Wednesday, June 13
    9 am - 12 pm @ IBM and/or SHS
    Thursday, June 13
    9 am - 12 pm @ IBM and/or SHS
    Wednesday, June 20
    9 am - 12 pm @ SHS
      Lyons Elementary - Amplify Classroom Instruction [A]
Target group: Lyons Elementary teachers

Participants will create lessons to align standards/benchmarks and support student learning in various grade-level subjects integrating the use of various tech tools with the online curriculum - Envision 2.0 and ReadyGen. For example, fourth grade teachers are creating Nearpod lessons with ReadyGen materials.

These tools include:

  • Nearpod
  • Clips
  • Explain Everything
  • Book Creator
  • SeeSaw
  • Green Screen
  • Math App Suite
  • ChatterPix
      Mountain View Elementary - iReady and ReadyGen Skills Integration [A]
Target group: Mt. View teachers

This group will:

  • examine and align the ReadyGen curriculum with the iReady reading skills
  • plan specific lessons to integrate skills
  • research and create supplemental materials to use with the whole group and during small group rotations
      Mountain View Elementary iPad Preparedness Part 2 [A]
Target group: Mt. View teachers

Teachers will explore applications, read educational articles about technology integration, share and problem solve in order to integrate iPads into the curriculum as a creation tool.
      Northridge Elementary - Departmentalizing of 5th Grade [A]
Target group: NREL 5th grade team

This team of teachers will:
  • Relocate classrooms to minimize transitions
  • Relocate materials and other supplies necessary for each content area
  • Plan the most efficient way to transition students along with their materials
  • Redesign classrooms to deepen learning and provide the most effective learning environment for students.
  • Create a whole year map of units so that all involved are aware of what learning is going on in every part of 5th grade.
      Old Columbine High School - Project-Based Learning Summer 2018 [A]
Target group: OCHS teachers

Teachers will use project-based learning as an approach to increase student engagement, academic performance and attendance.
      Prairie Ridge Elementary - Summer iReady Data Dive [A]
Target group: PREL teachers

Teachers will be meeting as a group to review spring reading and math data for the students coming up in each of our classes in order to begin planning for flex time in the fall, as well as to get a head start on solid instruction for the beginning of next year.


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