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Professional Study Group Model Subcategory

      APEX - Student Learning Disabilities
Target Group: APEX staff

We desire as a school to increase our knowledge base and tool box for understanding students with learning disabilities.

There will be 4 book groups made up of 5-10 participants each. Each book group will read about one of the learning disabilities and discuss strategies for understanding and supporting student needs.

Each group will develop a 30 minute presentation to be given to all staff.

      Book Club - Engaging Young Engineers
Target Group: Licensed teachers Preschool - 2nd grade

We will be engaging our learners through discussions to collaborate with peers in the book study while identifying application ideas for moving forward during and after the book club.

We want to influence our learners how to intently plan for STEM learning.

      Erie High School - PLC+ Book Study
Target Group: Erie High School Department Captains

Instructors: Liz Russell & Kim Peebles

We will read the book "PLC+" by Fray and Fisher. We will hold weekly meetings (virtually) to discuss the book, drawing parallels between the topics and EHS´s practices.

Ultimately, we will use the book as a launch point to strengthen Erie High School´s PLC model and make it more central to our allotted staff meeting/late start time.

      Fall River Elementary - Balance With Blended Learning Book Study [A]
Target Group: Fall River Blended Learning Cohort

This team will read the book, "Balance with Blended Learning" by Catlin Tucker. We will study best practices of blended learning to meet the needs of students in this ever changing world of education.

We will read 2 chapters weekly and meet vie Webex or Google Hangout to discuss various questions. What were our aha´s? What were our take aways? How will this impact your teaching next year? What do you wonder? Other questions pondered for discussion are included in end of the chapter questions.

      Frederick Feeder - The Brain-Targeted Teaching Model - Book Study
Target Group: Frederick Feeder Teachers

Teachers will be reading and discussing The Brain-Targeted Teacher Model for 21st-Century Schools. Weekly discussions will correlate with each of the ten chapters. Additionally, teachers will demonstrate their learning by applying their knowledge to design a concept map illustrating a learning unit in any content area for any PK-16 classroom setting that follows the components of the Brain-Targeted Teaching Model.

The learning unit will be prepared in written format using a pre-made template. Teachers will also summarize the learning unit in a PowerPoint presentation shared with class members through a screencast.

      Frederick High School - Advisory Team - Summer 2020
Target Group: Frederick High School Teachers

Instructor: Christopher Thomas

This team will study past data on teacher training needs and plan for appropriate training for teachers in Fall of 2020. We will evaluate the needs and look at best practices for meeting those teacher deficits.

      Longs Peak Middle School - Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain [A]
Target Group: Longs Peak Middle School Teachers and Staff

Sandy Heiser

We will read the book "Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain", while exploring supporting texts and podcasts.

      Mead Elementary - Powerful Teaching Book Study
Target Group: Mead Elementary Staff

Instructor: Farah Holburn

Mead Elementary staff are reading "Powerful Teaching, Unleash the Science of Learning" by Pooja K. Agarwal and Patrice Bain.

While we read we will be having weekly online discussions about the books. At the end we will have a concrete plan/organizational tool for our classroom, a way to share with students, or a way to share the information with parents.

      Mead Middle School - Summer PST 2020 [A]
Target Group: Mead Middle School Teachers

We will start by brainstorming what we want to know more about in regards to online teaching. After the brainstorm we will combine like topics together for study. People will join committees on topics that they think they can help and also look at the literature about that topic. These groups will develop systems and modules that will be presented to staff at the start of this school year.

      Mountain View Elementary - Reciprocal Teaching Studies Book Study [A]
Target Group: Mountain View Elementary Certified Staff

Together, we will be reading the book "Reciprocal Teaching At Work. Powerful Strategies and Lessons to Increase Reading Comprehension" to build our understanding, discussing strategies, creating resources, and evaluating the change.

      Niwot High School - Balance with Blended Learning Book Study [A]
Target Group: Niwot High School Teachers

Instructor: Erin Roe

We will read "Balance for Blended Learning: Partner with Students to Reimagine Learning and Reclaim Your Life" written by Caitlin Tucker. Teachers will be able to discuss and collaborate over blending learning and how they can utilize best practices to engage students and create a sustainable system.

      Niwot High School - Poor Students, Rich Teaching Book Study [A]
Target Group: Niwot High School Teachers

Instructor: Erin Roe

We will read "Poor Students, Rich Teaching: Mindsets for Change" written by Eric Jensen.

We want to empower teachers by understanding poverty and how it impacts achievement. This book will invite the opportunity for teachers to reflect on students´ mindsets in the classroom, to build effective relationships with students, to see achievement as a reachable target for all students, and overall engage all students for success.

      OT Telehealth: Resources & Treatment [A]
Target Group: SVVSD Occupational Therapists

Instructor: Chelsea Berthold

This course will work to develop treatment activities, a folder with resources, practicing video sessions and recording videos of lessons, as well as producing SeeSaw activities to post.

Virtual meetings on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month starting June 2, 2020.

      Planning and Implementing the SMART Teams Program - Fall 2020 [A]
Target Group: High School Science Teachers

Instructor: Chris Chou

This PST will provide training, support and guidance for teachers and schools who would like to implement this program in their buildings. The expansion of the SMART teams program throughout St. Vrain will build a strong network of students and teachers who share a similar interest and passion for pursuing scientific study and research.

      Red Hawk Elementary School - Culturize Book Study [A]
Target Group: Red Hawk Elementary staff

Instructor: Shane Saeed

We will read the book "Culturize", by Jimmy Casas. This will help us cultivate an inclusive environment for all. We understand that social emotional needs are going to come first in order to ensure our students feel safe at school. This study will review the climate surveys from the 2019-2020 school year as well as gain feedback from RHEL families.

      Skyline High School - Researching Resources for Online Learning
Target Group: Skyline High School Performing Arts Department

Instructors: Priscilla Araskaki & Ingrid Larragoity-Martin

We will be researching several different platforms for building strong distance learning engagement. Each week participants will share a different resource they have found and several ways to incorporate the information into their own discipline. Simultaneously, group members will be modifying the information to fit the needs of their classes.

The final product for each participant will be a usable template they can apply to a hybrid or distance learning model of teaching.

      The Reason I Jump [A]
Target Group: Occupational Therapists

Instructor: Ashley Leach

This course will read, "The Reason I Jump", and develop a summary of what was learned from the book.

      Thunder Valley K8 - Live Your Excellence Book Study [A]
Target Group: Thunder Valley Certified Staff

Teachers will read "Live Your Excellence" by Jimmy Casas. Then work in vertical teams to discuss application of new learning. During whole group, small groups will share how they will implement new learning. Staff will invest in themselves to better serve our students.

      Timberline PK8 - What We Say - Book Study
Target Group: Timberline PK8 Licensed Staff

We will complete a Schoology course that will include Podcasts, videos, a Read Next journal, as well as specific goals on which language patterns we will need to break when we go back to school.

Teachers will journal and analyze their own language patterns and decide on which ones they want to stop first and how to have an accountability partner in their classroom to help them achieve it.


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