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Note: Courses with [A] have available sessions.
Professional Study Group Model Subcategory

      Alpine Elementary - Making Thinking Visible Collaboration
Target group: Alpine teachers who completed the Making Thinking Visible PST in the summer of 2017.

Several Alpine Staff members participated in the Making Thinking Visible PST during the summer of 2017. Their learning encouraged the ongoing effort by teachers to create a culture of thinking in student learners. By creating a time and a space for teachers to collaborate and provide feedback to one another, the aim is to deepen capacity to develop thinking routines in classrooms.

From the text, Making Thinking Visible by Karin Morrison, Mark Church, and Ron Ritchhart, this group will be using the ‘LAST Protocol’ (Looking At Students’ Thinking), developed by the Cultures of Thinking Project, Project Zero, Harvard University, to review Thinking Routines that teachers have implemented in their classrooms.
      Design Thinking: Connecting Mindfulness and SEL [A]
Target group: This is for school teams and is usually arranged through the school counselor. The sessions take place at the participating schools.

Interested in opening some Mindful Doorways, practicing Mindfulness and re-connecting with yourself? Would you like to explore educational activities that nurture Mindfulness and SEL and use these tools in your personal and professional life?

Through a team effort, we will create educational activities (grade level) and connect these with Mindfulness Techniques. Cultivating Mindfulness practices and social-emotional skills within yourself helps you to model these skills in your personal life as well as for students. When you are fully present, you teach better. When students are fully present, the quality of their learning is better. It’s a ‘win-win’ equation that can transform teaching and learning.

Together we can create "teachable moments and learning."
      Erie High School - Collaborative Working Group
Target group: EHS teachers

The facilitator will begin the meetings by demonstrating some piece of instructional technology. Teachers will then be free to break apart into various sessions in an unconference style mirrored after the highly successful Longmont Ed Camp. By structuring the PST in this form a teacher will be free to share details about what they are doing in the classroom to push student thinking, ask questions, and collaborate together for the betterment of their collective practice.
      Erie Middle School - Innovation Design Team Proposal
Target group: EMS teachers, 2 from each grade level

This group will examine collected data & observations from across the feeder (and possibly the district) to determine topics of investigation. Through investigation & analysis, they will then determine changes for how they might better serve students. Once those topics are established, they will dig deep into them each month and then at the end propose changes.
      Flagstaff Academy - CAFE Book Study
Target group: Flagstaff Academy teachers

This group will read The CAFE Book: Engaging All Students in Daily Literacy Assessment and Instruction and follow the Book Study activities and questions created by the Daily 5/CAFE program. The group will discuss how to use it in classrooms and also participate in a Google Class where they will read and respond to questions presented in the book study.

At the end of the year, teachers will provide a testimony to the rest of the staff about how CAFE has impacted their reading instruction and student growth.
      Frederick High School - Challenge-Based Learning Study Group [A]
Target group: FHS teachers and administrators

This group hopes to increase student engagement and provide opportunities for voice and choice by exploring CBL in classrooms.
      Legacy Elementary - Orton-Gilligham Team
Target group: LGEL teachers who took the OG training

This group will discuss what is working in their classrooms, perfecting practice, or collaborate on what is not working. They will also create lesson plans together so classrooms across grade-level are focused on the same skills. Through videos, observations and feedback, teachers will remain consistent in their practices.
      Mead High School - AP Program Study Group 2017-18 [A]
This cross-curricular group of teachers will meet to discuss the problem of students dropping AP classes and formulate a solution.
      Mead High School - Collaborative Video Dialogues of Best Teaching Practices
Target group: MHS teachers

In order to improve instructional practice, this group will video lessons and use Edthena to observe instructional practices and offer feedback.
      Mental Health Collaboration and Self-Care
Target group: Counselors and Interventionists

Each participant will bring curriculum and/or data to share at the counselor´s meetings.
      Olde Columbine High School - Project-Based Learning
Target group: OCHS & CDC teachers

This group will be studying Project-Based Learning to create content that engages students with authentic, relevant learning experiences.
      P-Tech Teacher Collaborative
Target group: The P-Tech teachers

This group will discuss:
  • the scope and sequence of the P-Tech classes
  • skill building for college classes
  • the workplace learning skills curriculum
  • academic and social interventions for P-Tech students
  • marketing and recruiting strategies
  • fundraising opportunities,
  • parent engagement strategies
      Prairie Ridge Elementary - Data with Friends [A]
Target group: Prairie Ridge Elementary teachers

This group will meet approximately once a month to examine several forms of data for groups or classrooms of students. Using this data, they will carry out data discussions based on visible data patterns about root causes and strategies to improve student performance.
      Prairie Ridge Elementary - Learning Targets [A]
Target group: PREL teachers

This group will participate in an all-school book study focused on the book Learning Targets by Connie M. Moss and Susan M. Brookhart. This book focuses on mastering the principles of great teaching.
      Purposeful Play
Target group: Preschool and Kindergarten teachers, paras are welcome

This group will read the book Purposeful Play and facilitate discussions providing peer collaboration time with participants in the following three main areas; Research of play, play for social emotional growth, and inquiry as a play mindset.

Each session the group will explore one of three sections, each covering three chapters.

The intent is to dive into discussion around each of the chapters, incorporating ways participants can apply the learning to their classroom.
      Thunder Valley PK8 - Kindergarten ReadyGEN Alignment
Target group: TVK8 Kindergarten teachers

This team will align ReadyGEN lessons with math, science, social studies, and STEM topics of study.
      Java & Books

Target Group: Teachers or administrators at all grade levels.

You know those books about teaching and learning that you always mean to read but never have time?

In Java & Books, we crack open those books and then gather to discuss them and share connections to our practice.

Books are selected by the group based on the professional interests and needs of participants and their students. Past selections have addressed topics such as: achievement gaps, student motivation, brain research, homework practices and classroom management.

Meetings are casual and convivial, and discussion is geared to challenge and grow your thinking. Participants will document their usage of new learnings within their professional practice. The documentation will be shared with the group and will also be included in the summary product.

Addresses Colorado Teacher Quality Standards: 5B


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