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Longmont High School - Technology Lunch & Learn

Target group: LHS teachers

This group will meet once per week at lunch (3-4 times per month). Each month they will spend 1 or 2 of the lunch meetings learning how to use one particular app/tool. Part of this will be direct training, but part will also be self-directed time to explore and try things with other people nearby to ask questions and bounce ideas off of.

After the group feels comfortable with the basic functions of the app focused on that month, they will shift focus and begin discussing the potential of the app. Teachers will have an opportunity to see examples of student work that utilize the app, research ways in which other teachers in other schools are using these kinds of tools, and will be asked to bring in assessment and/or project ideas to workshop with the group.

For each app, teachers will have a goal of creating something they can actually use - a piece of media created using this app that they can show to students to help them learn content (in addition to any activity, project, or assessment ideas they create along the way). In this way, teachers will be learning how to use these tools by creating things they themselves can use in class.


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