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Note: Courses with [A] have available sessions.

On-Line Class Category

     Training Subcategory

          Bullet Creating Online Professional Development in Schoology Part 1 [A]
Note: This is not a class about how to teach your students online, but about making your own professional development course to teach to other educators.

Are you an expert in an area of learning? Are you passionate about Tier 1 teaching techniques? Do you love collaborating with other teachers to get better at your craft? Or do you feel like there are no professional development courses out there for you? Then consider taking this course! This course will train you to teach your own online professional development courses in schoology to other SVVSD teachers.

There are two parts to the course. Part 1 focuses on how to take what we know about effective teaching techniques and figure out how best to apply them to adult learners online.
          Bullet Creating Online Professional Development in Schoology Part 2 [A]
Target group: Teachers who have taken Designing and Teaching Online Professional Development Part 1

You are ready to take what you have learned from part 1 and complete the creation of your application to teach the course as well as actually create the course you will offer in schoology.
          Bullet Finding Calm in the Chaos Online
Sorry, the waiting list for this class is closed

Target group: All staff

Teaching is exhausting! It is estimated that teachers make over 1,500 decisions a day! The high-intensity emotions and the worry that come along with teaching are draining. In this online class, you will rejuvenate and energize by practicing mindfulness, self-compassion, gratitude, emotional processing, and self-care strategies. You will learn how to work smarter, not harder and learn practical strategies to organize and prioritize. This class is sure to help you find calm in the chaos inside and outside of your classroom!
          Bullet Mindful Ways to Integrate Technology
Target group: This course is designed for classroom teachers with content standards. No out-of-district, please.

Develop the skills and mindset to integrate technology into the classroom. The course will look at several models to integrate technology into the classroom.

After exploring the different models participants will examine uses of technology in the classroom to determine the best approach to maximize learning. Participants will then pick a model or a blend of models to design lessons based on content standards to integrate technology into their classroom.

Participants´ final project will be done using Schoology. The course will be online via Schoology for eight weeks. Participants will be required to engage in weekly activities and discussions.
          Bullet Multimodal Texts in the Secondary English Classroom [A]
Target group: Secondary teachers

Are you looking to refresh the types of texts you use in your classroom? Have you wondered how to apply more critical reading of a variety of text types? This online course will explore various types of texts that go beyond just the written word and into the world of multimodal texts. Participants will examine, research, and produce multimodal texts that link the genres of study in a secondary English classroom. In addition, participants will design lessons for their classroom.
          Bullet Practical Student Engagement
Target group: Classroom teachers

Are you struggling with how to implement project based learning? Are you worried your students are losing the ability for inquiry? Are you wanting to find ways to make your students more self-reliant? Do you want to find ways to better utilize the best teaching practices effectively in the classroom without risking content? This course focuses on how to use various techniques like open-ended questions, student driven backwards design, and self-directed projects to have students focus on not just hearing the content but truly engaging with content and practicing important life skills within the process.
          Bullet Student Data Privacy and Security in the Classroom [A]
Target group: K-12 licensed teachers

There´s much discussion around the new student data privacy laws and how it affects teachers in their classroom. The conversation around whether or not an app is approved can be grounds for frustration. This class aims to get the record straight on various policies down to the roles and responsibilities of the teacher. This course will navigate through dismantling the myths, looking at both the macro and micro approach to the laws, SVVSD´s resources, and vetting apps.

Participants will have hands-on activities and lessons they can apply directly to their own classroom. The course finishes with a lesson or project creation around student data security and privacy.

Addresses Colorado Teacher Quality Standards: 3D, 5A, 5B, 5C, 5D
          Bullet The Book Whisperer Book Study . . . and so much more!
Sorry, the waiting list for this class is closed.

Target group: Upper elementary (3rd grade or higher), middle and high school English and Literacy teachers. Teachers outside the intended audience are welcome provided they are willing to provide students with the opportunities for independent, free choice reading each day in their classroom.

Developing independent readers and students who truly want to read is a struggle all teachers encounter. In this course, we will read The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller, but the course will go beyond a traditional book study. We will look at the strategies and ideas presented in the book along with supplemental material to enhance and question the material presented in Miller´s book.

Participants will engage in weekly discussions over an 8 week period. During each week we will explore a chapter in the book and share current research and readings that mirror the information.

A one credit follow-up course will be available the following semester for participants that want to commit to trying out the practices presented in the book. The course will cover one academic semester where participants will journal about their practice, collect data from a sample set of students and participate in 2 facetime meetings with the instructor.
          Bullet Working with the Workshop Model [A]
Target group: Teachers, especially secondary

Do you ever feel like you do 70% or more of the work for your students? Are you looking for a way to enhance your effectiveness in the classroom and student achievement without driving yourself crazy? Would you like more time during class time to spend working with students in small groups or individuals and providing feedback? Check out the workshop method! This course will provide you with ideas and rationale for using the workshop in your classroom and then you will have the opportunity to try it out and reflect on whether or not it will work for you!
          Bullet Writing Workshop in the Secondary English Classroom [A]
Target group: Secondary English teachers

Explore how the writing workshop model can increase student engagement and writing skills without increasing your grading load. One of the biggest benefits of adopting this model is that students work harder on their writing than their teachers.

Participants in this course will delve into the core values of the language arts classroom (authentic reading, writing, creating, collaboration, and critical thinking) and incorporate them within the philosophy of the writing workshop model. Teachers will leave the course having experienced a sample writing workshop as well as having created a resource bank and developed strategies and lessons to use in their own classrooms.

This online course will have weekly deadlines.


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