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Note: Courses with [A] have available sessions.

Special Education Category

     Process Model Subcategory

          Bullet Westview Middle School - Special Education Planning This session is new [A]
Target group: WMS special education team

This team will create a calendar of IEP meetings for 2018-19, data sheets for general ed teachers and a list of case manager responsibilities.
     PST Subcategory

          Bullet Behavior Support/Programming for Students with Autism This session is new [A]
Target group: This PST is restricted to Prairie Ridge Elementary autism teacher and autism specialist and other autism specialists

This group will be remotely consulting with Dr. Patrick Romani, clinical psychologist at Children´s Hospital, in order to implement suggested treatments, collect and analyze data and then meet to discuss outcomes. They will also be working with Dr. Romani on a framework for understanding behavior, implementing treatments and analyzing outcomes so that they are able to use the process or a similar process in working with other students/staff members.
          Bullet Best Practices for Teaching Math in SSN Classrooms This session is new [A]
Target group: Teachers of Significant Support Needs Students - early childhood through transition.

This group will read current research on teaching numeracy to students with significant support needs. They will:

  • Review Math & Financial Literacy Colorado EEO’s
  • Review DLM’s EE
  • Review available curriculum & materials currently in district (district & teacher purchased)
  • Develop a scope of key content that spans Kindergarten through LSACE
  • Meet once in summer with follow up on 2 additional days in the fall, plus 5 hours of individual work towards the group project.
          Bullet SLP Summer Book Study 2018 This session is new [A]
Target group:SVVSD Speech/Language Pathologists

This group will read the book The Role of the Speech-Language Pathologist in RtI and discuss the ideas and their application to their roles within buildings. Their goal will be to develop a greater understanding of the role of the SLP in MTSS that will guide the work in their buildings. This work can provide grounds for further discussion about the role of the SLP in MTSS at the SLP monthly meetings.

The group will also read the book Expanding Expressive and Receptive Skills Through Stories (EXPRESS) and discuss the approach and recommendations and reflect on how to apply the approach in buildings to support language development for students.

To receive 1.0 hours, members will read both books. To receive 0.5 hours, members will read one book. Everyone will participate in relevant discussions.
          Bullet Special Education Case Management
Target group: Special Education providers - teachers, speech/language pathologists, current SSEFs, etc.

This team will focus on identifying needs based on the fact that the SSEF position is going away. They will create guiding documents, planning tools, and resources for teachers to improve practices around case management, IEP development, and implementation.
          Bullet Special Education Elementary Math PST
Target group: Elementary special education teachers

This group will:
  • research best practices in mathematics for students with disabilities
  • explore Envisions 2.0 math curriculum
  • identify materials needed for special education teachers to support students and general ed teachers
  • identify training needs to support special education teachers
          Bullet ULS Curriculum Roll-Out
Target group: Middles School and High School based Significant Support Needs (SSN) teachers that are required to sue the ULS curriculum.

Starting in August teachers will be using the “Unique Learning Systems” curriculum in their SSN classroom. During our collaboration time each teacher will share and problem solve around issues related to the planning and implementation of the ULS Curriculum. At the end of each month teachers will review the following months lessons. Exploring and planning as group we will go through the monthly lesson plans, review which lessons and activities work well and which don’t. Teachers will troubleshoot technology issues, communication ideas, lesson planning and implementation.
     Training Subcategory

          Bullet Colorado Outward Bound Science Leadership, Part 2 [A]
Target group: Lyons Elementary staff

This group will train with OB and be immersed in nature and therefore take that love and learning back to students in the school environment. This experience will lend itself to their outdoor Late Start science curriculum.

Some of the OB values that will be explored are curiosity, exploration, enthusiasm and playfulness which will grab our students desire to be at school.

They will be trained by professional Outward Bound staff using a framework which incorporates the values, design principles and outcomes. Student outcomes to be built on are strength of character, leadership skills and community connections.
          Bullet Cultural/Linguistic Factors and the SPED Referral Process (online) [A]

Target group: Teachers, counselors, administrators (recommended for Special Educators, ESL Specialists, MTSS Liaisons.

Welcome to Cultural/Linguistic Factors and the Special Education process! This PD is an opportunity to understand the critical components, i.e. MTSS, of the Special Education Referral process for students who are Culturally/Linguistically diverse. Participants will:

  • investigate and learn why the MTSS process is critical for ELLs
  • understand best practices for providing culturally responsive instruction
  • research best practices for providing fair and appropriate interventions/assessments for ELLs
  • summarize and share research findings regarding best practices for ELLs
  • understand CDE guidelines for Special Education criteria for ELLs
  • understand the SVVSD referral process for CLD students
  • analyze CLD/SPED case studies/referrals for accuracy and completeness
  • apply understanding of critical components when intervening with a CLD student

Participants will be expected to:
  • participate by logging in at least twice every week
  • complete weekly readings and assignments by due date
  • provide thoughtful responses to enhance discussions and assignments so they are grounded in experience and understanding of content.

Familiarity with Schoology, copying files to your Google Drive, linking files from Google Drive to Schoology, and completing Google forms will be helpful.


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