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Organizational Culture Category

     Training Subcategory

          Bullet Social Emotional Learning Training for GSA Club Sponsory
Research has indicated that LGBTQI youth employ a variety of coping and resilience-engendering strategies. GSA Club sponsors are uniquely positioned to help students strengthen their self-resiliency. St. Vrain and A Queer Endeavorís will collaborate to train participants to foster student coping strategies as they directly align to CASELís five competencies:

  • Self-management
  • Self-awareness
  • Social awareness
  • Relationship skills
  • Responsible decision making

You will develop skills as a GSA Club sponsor to be able to develop:

  • Self-acceptance - being able to resist stereotypes, consider what is good about being LGBTQI, find enjoyment in being oneself, have a sense of freedom from outside pressure to be different
  • Connectedness with supportive others - having someone to share daily experiences with, have a supportive network of friends, connect with family (where possible), find an ally
  • Emotional and physical self care - be safe and responsible, make smart decisions about risky behaviors, avoid unsafe places, use relaxation, exercise, mindfulness or meditation practices, seek opportunities to experience joy, gratitude, compassion and forgiveness
  • Social Activism - educate and support other LGBTQI youth, participate in community activities, be assertive when appropriate, be knowledgeable about issues that affect the LGBTQI community
  • Cognitive and behavioral flexibility - being able to select coping strategies to fit the need and use executive skills to notice, plan, monitor, evaluate, reflect, share, enlist help, and engage in behaviors that contribute to their acceptance and self-care


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