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Note: Courses with [A] have available sessions.

The following are Upcoming Conferences

Technology Category

     Training Subcategory

          Bullet LTP Modules 2018 [A]
These online modules are a menu of options to help you gain expertise in integrating technology into your instruction and student learning.

Technology Category

     Instructional Technology Subcategory

          Bullet Black Rock Elementary - iPads in the Classroom
Target group: BREL teachers

This group will share ideas for how iPads are being used in classrooms, as well as plan for future lessons and new ideas. This will include classroom management of the technology, applications and projects. They will explore how this has impacted learning, and plan for new projects and ways to integrate the iPads into standards and curriculum.
          Bullet Nearpod Boot Camp [A]
Target group: Teachers, K-12

Nearpod is a multi-platform teaching and learning tool that helps teachers re-imagine the way they use connected devices in the classroom.

The Nearpod Boot Camp, facilitated by one of our expert educators, will start with an hour of Nearpod tips and tricks, followed by a hands-on workshop where you will create a Nearpod lesson for your classroom. We encourage you to bring some instructional materials or a pre-existing presentation, and leave with a Nearpod lesson ready for the first day of school! All participants will complete the first steps toward becoming a Nearpod Certified Educator.

Please bring a laptop to class. It would be nice to also bring an iPad.
          Bullet SeeSaw in the Elementary Classroom
Target group: Elementary teachers/administrators

Come learn about an app that allows for the design of a multitude of instructional strategies, and can be used to engage parents. Explore the functionality of the app, learn tips and tricks, examine examples of use and design your own lesson.
     Process Model Subcategory

          Bullet Longs Peak Middle School - 2018 21st Century Skills & Technology Incorporated Unit Planning This session is new [A]
Target group: LPMS classroom teachers

Teachers will create units/lessons that incorporate 21st century skills:
  • use of technology
  • design thinking
  • critical thinking
  • problem solving
  • global/cultural awareness
  • creativity, innovation, & imagination.
     Training Subcategory

          Bullet Apple Vanguard Program [A]

In this course teachers will obtain the Apple Vanguard certificate and be able to confidently use Apple creativity tools to design and implement real world learning experiences in their classroom.

Specifically teachers will:

  • Demonstrate highly proficient skills using Apple productivity and creativity tools
  • Apply skills by creating and implementing two classroom learning experiences
  • Showcase their learning opportunities and student products to other Vanguard teachers.
          Bullet - A Deeper Dive [A]
Target group: Teachers, administrators - While is self-identified as being for grades 6-12, they and others are beginning to unleash the power of students´creativity even in the elementary grades. This session has more of a secondary focus, but please be encouraged to explore ways to enhance student understanding in the elementary grades. is more than just an online graphing calculator. is an extremely powerful tool for helping students gain deep understanding of the way that mathematics moves - literally! allows students to manipulate coefficients, exponents, and variables and see the effect of their changes instantly.

Desmos has the capability to access all four representations of functions: graphs, equations, tables, and even problem situations. Be prepared to hear students "ooh" and "ahhh" as they discover and begin to understand/enhance their understanding of the ´why´ as well as the ´how.´
          Bullet Everyone Can Code This session is new [A]
Target group: Both licensed and classified staff, elementary and middle school level

Coding is an essential skill that teaches problem-solving, develops teamwork, and inspires creativity. Join us for a two-day professional learning workshop from Apple to learn how you can introduce your students to coding with iPad and free Everyone Can Code curriculum. If you’re interested in teaching with this curriculum, the workshop will be a great way to get started. You’ll get hands-on experience with the Everyone Can Code teacher guides and with iPad coding apps for students in grades K–8.

Participants should plan to bring their district iPad running iOS 11.2.x to the workshop.
          Bullet Genius Hour: More Than Just a Slideshow [A]
Target group: Licensed teachers

Come join us for an exploration of how Genius Hour can be a driving force of meaningful learning for your students. In this day-long inquiry participants will explore the philosophy behind Genius Hour and leave with practical tools for implementation in their own classroom.
          Bullet Intro to App Development with Swift This session is new [A]
Target group: Secondary teachers

Coding is an essential skill that teaches problem-solving, develops teamwork, and inspires creativity. Join us for a two-day professional learning workshop from Apple to learn how you can introduce your students to coding and free Intro to App Development with Swift curriculum. If you´re interested in teaching with this curriculum, the workshop will be a great way to get started. You´ll get hands-on experience with the Intro to App Development with Swift teacher guides and student resources.

Participants are required to bring their district laptop, running High Sierra (10.13), to the workshop.
          Bullet Tech Camp 2018 [A]
Target group: Both elementary and secondary teachers, administrators, classified staff

The Road to Student Agency! Tech Camp is a two-day conference for all educators who are interested in learning various ways to incorporate instructional technology into their curriculum. Learn from national and local experts. Share your experiences during the interactive sessions. Try out new applications, tips and techniques. Grow your skills as a 21st century educator!

Participants will pre-select 8 sessions (4 each day) from 60 + session choices. Session information will be sent to you at a later date.


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