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Note: Courses with [A] have available sessions.

Instruction and Assessment Category

     Conference Model Subcategory

          Bullet EdCamp Longmont 2018
Edcamp Longmont is an all-day unconference designed specifically for teachers and their needs. Edcamp has an agenda that’s created by the participants at the start of the event. Bring your questions, “want to try”, new technology ideas, or even something AWESOME you can’t wait to tell someone about. Join us for our 4th Annual event!
     Process Model Subcategory

          Bullet Altona Middle School - Summer 2018
Target group: AMS teachers

Teams of teachers will be working on developing plans for co-teaching units between general education and special education teachers; working to re-design LEAD time to support enrichment and interventions for students and design project-based cross-curricular units.
          Bullet Coal Ridge Middle School - Project-Based Learning Activities
Target group: CRMS 7th and 8th grade math teachers

These teachers will create team-building and inquiry-based activities for each unit in the curriculum. They will go through units and standards and identify biggest ideas, and create activities that can build into lesson plans.
          Bullet DIBELS Next Essentials Training [A]
This class is for elementary district literacy teachers, classroom teachers, and special education teachers who will be administering DIBELS Next. It is appropriate for new DIBELS users, as well as those who have used DIBELS 6th Edition. The workshop covers the foundations and guidelines of DIBELS, as well as how to administer and score each of the DIBELS Next measures.
          Bullet Eagle Crest Elementary - 3rd Grade Empowering Students
Target group: Eagle Crest Elementary third grade team

This group will read Empower by John Spencer and AJ Juliani. They will integrate their year-long curriculum map with enVisionmath and also add in project-based and student choice learning activities.
          Bullet Erie High School - Chemistry Lab Redevelopment [A]
Target group: EHS science teachers

Using new curriculum and the latest science lab skills this group will create project based labs, student led, inquiry based labs as well and new and exciting demonstrations for each unit.
          Bullet Frederick High School - Integrated Team Fall 2018 [A]
This group will meet to revise and create integrated content, plan and create new curriculum and assessments to go with revised plans. They will be meet to change readings, revise the course outline and improve on assessments from last years attempt.
          Bullet Longs Peak Middle School - 8th Grade Academy
Target group: LPMS 8th grade teachers

This group will:

  • look at the previously identified strategies and change what did not work and add additional support, like exemplars and Kagan strategies, in order to support all students
  • create lessons and forms to support tracking student data and completion of expectations
  • brainstorm how to involve the community and attempt to reach out to community members to bring them into the school
  • continue to work with the district behavior coach
  • reflect on practices to implement which would specifically support students.
          Bullet Lyons Elementary/Middle/Senior Late Start Curriculum Development [A]
Target group: Lyons Elementary, Middle, and Senior High staff

This group will continue the work started in the Colorado Outward Bound Science and Leadership class, building units to incorporate Science, Curriculum, Standards, and Leadership skills for elementary, middle and high school students.
          Bullet Mead High School - Common Performance Assessments for World Language This session is new [A]
Target group: MHS World Language teachers

Teachers will meet together to discuss new standards, unit goals and can-do statements for students. They will use these statements to design common performance assessments, rubrics, and grading practices to be used in Level 2. They will work both in group and individually to accomplish these tasks.
          Bullet Niwot High School - IB DP Course Outline and Unit Plans Development Part 2 [A]
Target group: NHS IB DP staff

IB teachers will first review the IB provided resources and the IB provided templates to create the Course Outlines and Unit Plans.
          Bullet Shark Tank Design Thinking Class
Target group: Lyons MS

Two teachers will research, collaborate, and create a class syllabus and lessons for students to learn and practice 21st Century skills.
          Bullet Spark! Discovery Preschool STEM Unit Design 2018-19
Target group: SPARK! teachers

This group will create curriculum outlines for the 2018-2019 school year which will include essential questions, design challenges, purchase lists, dramatic play ideas, technology integration, center integration, small group ideas, material creation and standards/ELDG alignment. They will also create materials that can immediately be used in the classroom, including materials for dramatic play, games/activities for different centers, materials for teaching concepts whole group, etc.
          Bullet Thunder Valley K8 - Third Grade Explicit Reading Skills Instruction
Target group: TVK8 third grade team

This group will review phonics and phonemic awareness methods and compile the best resources and practices into a curriculum to use during daily instruction.
     Professional Study Group Model Subcategory

          Bullet AP Capstone 2018-19 [A]
Target group: AP Capstone teachers at SHS, SCHS, EHS, LHS, and MHS.

Teachers will be evaluating curriculum and best practices in AP Seminar and AP Research to make sure they are aligned and offering the best opportunities for authentic, challenging, college-level scholarly work.
          Bullet Best Instructional Practices in Special Education [A]
Target group: Special Education teachers (all levels)

Educators will collaborate to identify and reflect upon best practice methodologies to deliver instruction.
          Bullet Beyond the Pod: Radical Candor
Target group: Licensed teachers

The Vrain Waves podcast is exposing educators to new authors weekly. This PST would allow teachers to focus on the book Radical Candor as well as use the podcast as a resource.

This PST would have three components:

  • In-person meetings with a Vrain Waves listener cohort
  • Edthena video coaching on Vrain Waves implementation strategies with emphasis on peer-peer feedback
  • Schoology book study reflection on Radical Candor anchor text
          Bullet Black Rock Elementary - Wild Card Book Study This session is new [A]
Target group: BREL teachers

This group will read The Wild Card and discuss implications for classrooms and plan ways to implement.
          Bullet Centennial Elementary Tech Tuesdays [A]
Target group: Centennial teachers

This group will share various apps and websites to use in order to make formative assessments, interactive lessons, digital activities, games, digital collaboration, digital classroom management, and how to create projects using iPads and Chromebooks.
          Bullet Design Thinking: Connecting Mindfulness and SEL
Target group: This is for school teams and is usually arranged through the school counselor. The sessions take place at the participating schools.

Interested in opening some Mindful Doorways, practicing Mindfulness and re-connecting with yourself? Would you like to explore educational activities that nurture Mindfulness and SEL and use these tools in your personal and professional life?

Through a team effort, we will create educational activities (grade level) and connect these with Mindfulness Techniques. Cultivating Mindfulness practices and social-emotional skills within yourself helps you to model these skills in your personal life as well as for students. When you are fully present, you teach better. When students are fully present, the quality of their learning is better. It’s a ‘win-win’ equation that can transform teaching and learning.

Together we can create "teachable moments and learning."
          Bullet Erie Feeder Secondary Math Collaboration This session is new [A]
Target group: Math teachers from EMS, EHS, Soaring Heights K8

This group will have monthly meetings with a different topic related to the reason for this study. They will look at the expectations for math classes at all levels and different aspects of the curricula used (for example: EMS, Soaring Heights, and EHS use different curricula for Algebra 1). They will align expectations for math students across the Erie feeder system.
          Bullet Erie High School - Advanced Placement Collaboration This session is new [A]
Target Group: EHS AP teachers and coordinator

This group will:
  • establish practice testing sessions
  • align expectations
  • develop testing preparation opportunities
  • discuss recruitment ideas
  • share studying techniques
  • support students and fellow teachers
  • analyze the AP scores, trends and enrollment data
          Bullet Frederick High School - Jumpstart Planning and Analysis
Target group: FHS feeder system teachers

This group will research the previous Jumpstart programs and how they were designed and then research and analyze national strategies on how to engage and retain 9th graders in order to help them be successful in high school. They will work with the counselors, coaches and clubs on extra curricular options and ways to get 9th grade students involved and some ways to reduce stress and depression and increase study skills.

All of this research will be combined to create a summer program for incoming 9th graders. This group will take notes and surveys and reflect on the immediate success of the program.
          Bullet Frederick High School - Take Action: Learn, Do and Share (Neuroteach) [A]
Target group: FHS teachers

This group will read professional books, meet regularly, and discuss the books.
          Bullet Frederick High School - Take Action: Learn, Do, and Share (Role Reversal) [A]
Target group: FHS teachers

This group will read professional books, meet regularly, and discuss the books.
          Bullet Frederick High School Integration of Text Adoption with Technology
Target group: FHA science teachers

This group will work collaboratively to develop lab activities that align with science standards and newly adopted materials. Time will be spent actively using the probeware to identify specific science standards which can be aligned with science curriculum. Individual and group work time will focus on implementation of the technology and curriculum development.
          Bullet Hygiene Elementary - Vrain Waves Study and Action [A]
Target group: Hygiene teachers

Teachers wanting to collaboratively discuss, take action on, and implement a peer review process based on the educational best practices, educational trends, and research highlighted on Vrain Waves podcast.
          Bullet Innovation Academy Exploration
Target group: Teachers, all grade levels

This group will do research and collaborate to share their findings (via Schoology, since the course will be asynchronous), come to observe the instruction happening during the academy at their convenience, and develop next steps for integrating this type of instruction into their classroom and pedagogy.

Below are dates that teachers can observe and work with the instructors at the academy.

Teachers MUST contact one of the instructors via e-mail in order to gain access to either building. IF THEY DO NOT, there will be no access.

    Wednesday, June 6
    9 am - 12 pm @ IBM
    Thursday, Jule 7
    9 am - 12 pm @ IBM
    Friday, June 8
    9 am - 12 pm @ IBM
    Wednesday, June 13
    9 am - 12 pm @ IBM and/or SHS
    Thursday, June 13
    9 am - 12 pm @ IBM and/or SHS
    Wednesday, June 20
    9 am - 12 pm @ SHS
          Bullet Lyons Elementary - Amplify Classroom Instruction
Target group: Lyons Elementary teachers

Participants will create lessons to align standards/benchmarks and support student learning in various grade-level subjects integrating the use of various tech tools with the online curriculum - Envision 2.0 and ReadyGen. For example, fourth grade teachers are creating Nearpod lessons with ReadyGen materials.

These tools include:

  • Nearpod
  • Clips
  • Explain Everything
  • Book Creator
  • SeeSaw
  • Green Screen
  • Math App Suite
  • ChatterPix
          Bullet Mathematical Mindsets Book Study
Target group: K-12 math teachers

This class is a book study on Mathematical Mindsets: Unleashing Students´ Potential through Creative Math, Inspiring Messages and Innovative Teaching by Jo Boaler. In addition to reading and discussing the content of the book, participants will be asked to implement aspects of the book in their classrooms and bring artifacts to each meeting.

Participants will receive a copy of the book.
          Bullet Mountain View Elementary - iReady and ReadyGen Skills Integration [A]
Target group: Mt. View teachers

This group will:

  • examine and align the ReadyGen curriculum with the iReady reading skills
  • plan specific lessons to integrate skills
  • research and create supplemental materials to use with the whole group and during small group rotations
          Bullet Mountain View Elementary iPad Preparedness Part 2 [A]
Target group: Mt. View teachers

Teachers will explore applications, read educational articles about technology integration, share and problem solve in order to integrate iPads into the curriculum as a creation tool.
          Bullet Niwot High School: Subjects Matter: A Book Study This session is new [A]
Target group: NHS English teachers

This group will:

  • read Subjects Matter by Daniels and Zemelman
  • meet regularly to discuss the reading
  • choose strategies and practices from the text
  • implement them in classroom practice
  • reflect on successes and needs for improvement
          Bullet Old Columbine High School - Project-Based Learning Summer 2018
Target group: OCHS teachers

Teachers will use project-based learning as an approach to increase student engagement, academic performance and attendance.
          Bullet Planning and Implementing the SMART Teams Program - Fall 2018 This session is new [A]
Target group: HS science teachers

Members of the PST will share resources among the group and create a cadre of teachers who will provide students with an opportunity to engage in real-world learning, development of professional skills, connect with current scientific researchers and support the transition of students from high school to college-level scientific research and study through the SMART team program.

Teachers will:

  • Training for teachers/mentors Providing resources for helping students develop skills in scientific research (reading, writing, communication skills) Teachers will learn how to utilize Jmol (3D protein modeling program) to design physical models of proteins
  • develop scaffolds and supports for student learning
  • develop and refine strategies for reading and understanding high-level scientific text
  • coach students to give scientific presentations
  • foster student collaboration as a TEAM
          Bullet Sanborn Elementary - Team Tech [A]
Target group: SAEL teachers

With all of the new technology, teachers would like more support and guidance with using it in authentic ways within the building and strategies of how 10 iPads will be utilized in the classroom. This group will research instructional tools and teach each member of the tech team how to use it. They will implement the tool in their own classrooms and share successes/struggles with the group.
          Bullet Skyline High School - E-Credit During the Day Collaboration This session is new [A]
Target group: SHS teachers who teach e-credit during the day

Teachers will work as a team to develop agenda, strategies, and curriculum as needed for students to access and understand the Edmentum program
          Bullet Skyline High School - PTECH Book Study This session is new [A]
Target goup: SHS PTEACH Teachers and stakeholders

This group will read Radial Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity by Kim Scott. They will learn to communicate with students, parents, colleagues, and community professionals in such a way as to reflect a work place culture where leaders care about their students and create an environment of professionalism and high achievement.
          Bullet Structured Teaching for Students with Autism [A]
Target group: Autism Center Based teachers, SSN teachers if interested.

This group will:

  • create more structured work tasks that better align to students´ needs
  • provide a schedule or a system for students to independently find work task boxes
  • research different ways to structure the work task system
  • talk about how to differentiate tasks
  • look at how to integrate the curriculum into the independent work systems.
          Bullet Sunset Middle School - What Great Teachers Do Differently [A]
Target group: SMS teachers

Teachers will read and discuss topics from What Great Teachers Do Differently and The Wild Card. They will look for a practical application of the learning that takes place.
          Bullet Java & Books

Target Group: Teachers or administrators at all grade levels.

You know those books about teaching and learning that you always mean to read but never have time?

In Java & Books, we crack open those books and then gather to discuss them and share connections to our practice.

Books are selected by the group based on the professional interests and needs of participants and their students. Past selections have addressed topics such as: achievement gaps, student motivation, brain research, homework practices and classroom management.

Meetings are casual and convivial, and discussion is geared to challenge and grow your thinking. Participants will document their usage of new learnings within their professional practice. The documentation will be shared with the group and will also be included in the summary product.

Addresses Colorado Teacher Quality Standards: 5B
     Training Model Subcategory

          Bullet CHAMPS: A Proactive and Positive Approach to Classroom Management

Target group: K-12 teachers, administrators

Engaged students, classrooms that seem to run themselves, seamless transitions--these are the goals of teachers who want to focus on effecive, standards-based instruction. Research to date shows us that when strong management systems are in place, teaching and learning occurs.

This class, which is drawn from Randy Sprick´s resource, CHAMPS: A Proactive & Positive Approach to Classroom Management, will enable participants to identify and maintain the effective aspects of the participants´s current management plan while adding and/or strengthening any less-effective aspects.

When teachers create clear expectations around student Conversation, Help, Activities, Movement, and Participation, they experience SUCCESS! This class can help any teacher, whether new or experienced, manage student behavior more effectively.

Please note, this class is intended for Tier 1 behavior supports and interventions. Participants will also be asked to video their classrooms for reflection.
          Bullet Guitars and Ukes in the Classroom [A]
How would you like to learn to integrate music with your classroom content to reach all learners while having fun? This eight-week music integration program turns singing into a learning modality. Guitars in the Classroom (GITC) trains and equips classroom teachers to use the guitar or ukulele to learn, sing, strum, teach, and lead songs that boost comprehension, literacy and core learning for all. For children acquiring English as a second language and those with IEPs this program can greatly increase their learning and understanding of concepts. This program boosts academic skills, language, and musicality.

No prior musical knowledge is needed. The simple “Smart Start” Method of guitar instruction will have you singing and playing from the very first session. Five hours of logged practice time count toward class hours.

Ten guitars or ukuleles are available for use during the class. Please contact the instructor by e-mail to indicate if you will borrow a guitar/uke or bring your own.
          Bullet Lexia Training for Beginner Users This session is new
This class is for new users to Lexia Core5. Only one per building, please.
          Bullet Love & Logic - 9 Essential Skills for the Love & Logic Classroom

Target Group:K-12 classroom teachers, all staff who work with students.

Start the semester off right, making sure you still have energy at the end of the work day, as well as love your job while increasing student on-task time! Teach more, discipline less, and meet the standards with more students, more often by joining this high-energy positive course.

You will be charged $9 for the handbook when you register.

Addresses Colorado Teacher Quality Standards: 2A, 2B, 2C, 2F
          Bullet MQI Coaching Workshop
At the end of this workshop, participants will have an understanding of the key components of a productive conversation about instruction. MQI is a math-specific rubric that provides a framework for analyzing math instruction. Video-based virtual coaching will support teachers in reflecting on their work and the work of their students. Teachers will support teachers in reflection on their work and the work of their students.

Teachers will sign up and receive two credits/one credit + stipend for July 23-26 and two credits/one credit + stipend for video coaching.

Here at the options to choose from:

    Option A: 2 PD/Salary credits for the workshop + 2 PD/Salary credits for the ongoing 2018-19 coaching cycles

    Option B: 1 PD/Salary credit +$450 stipend for the workshop + 1 PD/Salary credit + $450 stipend for ongoing 2018-19 coaching cycles
          Bullet Responding to the Needs of Gifted Students in SVVSD - Elementary [A]
Target Group: Elementary G/T teachers only

This is a series of classes with topics pertaining to the needs of gifted students.
          Bullet Responding to the Needs of Gifted Students in SVVSD - Secondary [A]
Target group: Secondary G/T teachers or Site Leaders only

This is a series of classes with topics pertaining to the needs of gifted students.
          Bullet The Digital Student Part 3
Target group: K-12 teachers

This course is a “Part 3” class, but part one and two are not a prerequisite for the class.

The Digital Student is a course that focuses on how students in our classes prefer to learn and ways to reach them so that the learning is optimized. The course provides opportunities for teachers to explore different ways to make learning authentic, to highlight the necessity of collaboration in today’s world, and to balance technology with the social needs of students. Participants will also participate in small group book studies throughout the course. Participants need to commit to weekly discussion throughout the 8-week online course via Schoology.

Topics covered in this section are:
  • Brain of the Digital Student
  • Design Thinking
  • Innovation
  • No Tech Required
  • Monitor vs. Mentor
  • Exploring tools to use in the classroom.

Participants will need a district login to access Schoology and the SVVSD Digtial Library.
          Bullet The Digital Student Part 4
This course is for classroom teachers who have completed or are currently enrolled in at least one of the previous Digital Student courses (TDS1, TDS2 or TDS 3).

The Digital Student is a course that focuses on how students in our classes prefer to learn and ways to reach them so that the learning is optimized. The course provides opportunities for teachers to explore different ways to make learning authentic, to highlight the necessity of collaboration in today’s world, and to balance technology with the social needs of students.

Participants need to commit to weekly discussion throughout the 8-week online course. Throughout the course participants explore online communities to further professional growth and will share their learning with other colleagues.

Topics covered in this section are:
  • Individualized vs. Personalized vs. Differentiation
  • Soft Skills
  • Inquiry and Curiosity within the Content
  • How, What, Where, When is Your Classroom
  • Time to Explore.
          Bullet The Gift of Mindful Teaching [A]
Target Audience: PreK-12 teachers

Discover the true gift of mindfulness! While exploring the power of self-compassion, the art of paying attention, the importance of self-regulation and body awareness, participants will learn about the many benefits of mindfulness for teachers and students. Participants will learn a variety of mindfulness strategies that can be used inside and outside of the classroom. Additionally, participants will explore the transformational qualities of incorporating joy, gratitude, play, rest, and mindfulness into their daily lives.
          Bullet Trail Ridge Middle School - Differentiating with Depth and Complexity Icons: PST [A]
Target group: TRMS teachers only

This group will start by sharing the results of implementation from the previous week, introducing a new skill or icon with practice and application, and planning with teams.


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