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Numeracy Category

     Elementary Subcategory

          Bullet Elementary Math Pilot Meetings (enVisionmath 2.0)
Target group: Math Pilot teachers

Pilot teachers will engage in professional conversations regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the program, areas of needed supplementation, and the implementation models/strategies utilized.
          Bullet Multiplication: A Deeper Dive Grades 3-5
Target group: Elementary core classroom teachers only, please. The research grant requires core classroom teachers for evaluation purposes.

Learning how to multiply whole numbers is a major topic in elementary school. Many curricula focus on the standard algorithm for multiplying numbers; however, many students struggle with a standard algorithm. The area model of multiplication provides a different algorithm for multiplying whole numbers that the Colorado Academic Standards recognizes.

This algorithm can be developed conceptually by making connections between building rectangles with base-10 blocks to find the area of a rectangle and properties of multiplication. Although this development takes time, it supports students to build conceptual understanding of multiplication that can be used to multiply decimals and fractions and eventually polynomials. This experience provides teachers the opportunity to develop this conceptually understanding for themselves with activities that can be easily adapted for use with students.

NOTE: This class is part of a research partnership on professional development effectiveness in mathematics with the University of Northern Colorado (EAGER Grant).
     PST Subcategory

          Bullet Legacy Elementary - 4/5 Collaboration Team [A]
Target group: Legacy Elementary 4th, 5th, and 4/5 teachers

This group will collaborate between the 4th & 5th grade teachers to effectively meet the needs of the students in the 4/5 combo class as well as using the 4/5 teacher´s time effectively and collaboratively.
     Secondary Subcategory

          Bullet Frederick High School - HMH Math Implementation 2017-18
Target group: FHS math teachers and MS math teachers who teach Algebra 1 and/or Geometry

This group will preview digital lessons/assignments and discuss successes/challenges with digital activities completed/attempted in class previously. Teachers will also bring assessment items to contribute toward a discussion and work session regarding a common assessment that aligns to Common Core Standards and SAT.
          Bullet Silver Creek High School - Implementing Curricular Resources
Target group: SCHS Math Dept.

This group will comb through the new curricular resources, discuss the use of different practices and different formats of implementation. They will also lesson-plan, report on the implementation of those lessons and revise/improve.


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