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Literacy Category

     Elementary Literacy Subcategory

          Bullet Enhance the Teaching of Foundational Strategies in your Language Arts Block with this Reading Triage
Target group: For any K-3 teacher and specialist who works with students identified as having a significant reading deficiency.

  • Learn "HOW" to align your instruction with your interim and progress monitoring data you are collecting specifically focusing on the most predictive skills within the foundational components.
  • Create a Reading Triage toolkit of instructional strategies specifically focusing on phonemic awareness, alphabetic principle, foundational decoding, and the continuum of building fluency from the letter, sound, and linking to the word recognition into text reading.
  • Develop a working knowledge of systematic, explicit and strategic instruction with effective routines and differentiation for ALL students to access the "reading code" during Universal and Targeted Instruction during Universal and Targeted Instruction • Linked to the Colorado Academic State Standards (CAS): Reading for All Purposes and Common Core State Standards (CCSS): Foundational Literacy Strand
          Bullet Hygiene Elem- Text Set Project PST This session is new [A]
Target Group: Hygiene Classroom teachers

This PST will explore how to most efficiently and effectively grow students´ knowledge and vocabulary and the impact this will have on overall reading comprehension scores and performance.
     Professional Study Team Subcategory

          Bullet Centennial Happy Teachers Change the World Book Study This session is new [A]
Target Group:Invited teachers

The six of us will be reading the book ‘Happy Teachers Change the World’ over the next few months. We will be discussing the strategies in the book as well as going through the reflection questions provided in each chapter. As we read, we will be implementing new mindfulness strategies into our classrooms. (For example: before tests, after recess, before group work)
          Bullet Red Hawk Elementary - Reading 101 with Reading Rockets
Target group: RHEL teachers

This group will use an online course called Reading 101- Reading Rockets which has modules that address all the components of reading. They will study seven of the modules that seem the most pertinent at this time. Each modules has an introduction, pretest, important research and learning and a post test. They will read and prepare outside of the group time, with summaries, questions, reflections and next steps for teaching. Each meeting time will include lengthy discussions about the reading and implications and then data analysis.
     Training Subcategory

          Bullet The Text Set Project
Target group: K-12 teachers

Many students struggle to successfully read and comprehend grade-level text. Research suggests that a failure to grow sufficient vocabulary, and to develop a wide background knowledge, along with a lack of fluency, are all contributing factors. Text Sets support all learners by building these skills through a volume of reading on Science, Social Studies, and other high interest topics. This class will provide the research base for this approach as well as time and support to develop a series of Text Sets that you can implement right away with your students! Consider taking this class with your teammates as well as your school´s librarian to further enhance the experience and quality of materials that you develop.
     Seconday Literacy Subcategory

          Bullet Silver Creek High School - Common Reading and Writing Assessment [A]
Target group: SCHS English teachers

At least 3x a year,grade level ELA teams will create the common assessments, administer them within the agreed upon window, calibrate papers, collect data and trends, identify at-risk students who are not at proficiency for the targeted standard, create an action plan to address trends as a whole group and an action plan to address the at-risk students.


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