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Note: Courses with [A] have available sessions.

Organizational Development Category

     Conference Subcategory

          Bullet 2018 NEA Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly This session is new [A]
Target group: St. Vrain CEA delegates

This is an opportunity to collaborate with teachers throughout the nation and participate in state association/government procedures related to education.
          Bullet Tointon Institute for Educational Change: School and Teacher Leadership Academy
Target group: Team of 8 teachers from Prairie Ridge Elementary

This conference is about building the culture and climate of a building. This team will learn strategies that will help improve PREL and to support the students.
     Leadership Subcategory

          Bullet Mead High School - Summer Advisory Team This session is new [A]
Target group:MHS Advisory Team

A student Advisory time helps build relationships with a trusted adult and emotional/social support. It helps students work on team building skills, PSAT/SAT practice, and iCap.

This group will create lesson plans for each Advisory day and upload all the lessons into grade level Schoology groups.
     Process Model Subcategory

          Bullet Alpine Elementary - PBIS Planning Team [A]
This team hopes to:

  • develop a new student/parent handbook which would communicate behavioral expectations to the school community
  • create flow charts to clearly define and articulate behavior intervention procedures at the school
  • create a matrix of un-expected behaviors and potential consequences
  • clearly identify roles and responsibilities for committees and teams regarding the PBIS system
  • identify a universal behavior screener to be used by the school
  • develop a daily Home Report for Check-In Check-Out
          Bullet BARK and ICAP PLC This session is new
Target group: Counseling team at MMS

Counselors will create curriculum for classroom lessons pertaining to ICAP and BARK (school culture framework) each month, which will also be differentiated by grade level. Lessons and schedule for the entire year will be outlined and uploaded to Schoology in preparation for 18-19 school year.
          Bullet Eagle Crest Leadership Focus Design Challenge
Target group: ECEL staff

This group will create a model for what leadership looks like at Eagle Crest and how to meet the mission of "Creating Leaders One Child at a Time." They will determine whether or not to continue using the 7 Habits or whether there will be a new language. There will be decisions made around what a curriculum would look like and how it will be delivered. Plans for monthly assemblies, student data collection, service projects, in-house leadership opportunities, parent and community engagement, leadership blog, student reinforcement will all be made and planned.

Participants will choose between 1 credit or 2 credits. The one credit option would be for those that have been working on this during the school year but won´t be able to continue during the summer. The two credit option will be for those who have been working on this during the school year and will continue during the summer.
          Bullet Mead High School Book Study This session is new [A]
Target group: MHS teachers

Teachers will read the book Getting Started by Rick Dufour to help find a school culture that aligns with all systems in the school environment. They want to build:

  • a vision statement
  • a definition of "staff consensus"
  • a framework to discuss administrative rights vs. teacher rights in the decision-making process
  • an introduction to PLC communities
          Bullet Sanborn Elementary - Follow Up Team 2018-19 [A]
Target group: Sanborn Elementary teachers

This group will focus on explicit expectations for behavior in common areas. They will develop a schedule for teaching and re-teaching them, and visuals that describe/reinforce expectations.
          Bullet Silver Creek High School - Advisory Period
Target group: SCHS administrators, teachers, and support staff

This group will design an effective Advisory Program for SCHS.
          Bullet Timberline PK8 Advisory This session is new [A]
Target group: TPK8 middles school teachers

This school will create an Advisory time to help meet students´ social, emotional, and academic needs. The group will create a Schoology site filled with resources for teachers to help prepare students for success for the day.
     Professional Study Group Model Subcategory

          Bullet Eagle Crest Elementary - Happy Teachers Change the World This session is new [A]
Target group: Eagle Crest primary teachers

Teachers will read the book Happy Teachers Change the World. Studying mindfulness and implementing it with students will change the way that students interact with each other. This can make such a better learning environment for all where every idea is welcomed and students will feel like they matter and their ideas matter.
          Bullet Erie High School Summer Advisory This session is new [A]
Target group: EHS teachers and counselors

This group will plan for Advisory next year, reflect on the successes, address challenges, make changes and adjustments to lessons as well as plan around the new graduation guidelines.
          Bullet Legacy Elementary - Zones of Regulation [A]
Target group: Legacy Elementary teachers

This group will read Zones of Regulation and create manipulative/tools for school-wide implementation.
          Bullet Longs Peak Middle School - Help For Billy [A]
Target group: LPMS staff only

LPMS will focus next year on becoming a trauma informed school so that students can be better supported and understood. The staff will read Help for Billy by Heather Forbes and participate in online discussions.
          Bullet Niwot High School - Coffee and Classroom Management This session is new [A]
Target group: NHS teachers

This group will read one chapter of the book, "Discipline in the Secondary Classroom," per meeting. In between meetings, teachers on the PST will be assigned / or will choose at least one to two classroom management strategies learned in the most recent chapter to implement in their classrooms. At the following meetings, teachers will discuss their successes / struggles with the strategies they implemented and what they would change in the future.
          Bullet Northridge Elementary - Creating and Sustaining a Trauma-Informed School
Target group: Northridge licensed and classified staff

Participants will refresh prior learning plus go deeper in their understanding and the use of trauma-informed practices to support students with learning and behavior.
          Bullet Timberline PK-8 - Behavior Alignment This session is new [A]
Target group: TPK8 teachers

This group will look into the current practices in relation to behavior expectations at Timberline Pk-8 and streamline the process between current practices such as Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS), Restorative Justice Practices, and the use of a Behavior Intervention Program Room (BIP).
          Bullet Trail Ridge Middle School - Lost at School Book Study
Target group: TRMS staff

TRMS teachers and administrators have voiced concerns around student behavior. This group´s goal is to improve current behavior responses school-wide and give staff tools for responding to student behavior.

They plan to read the book, Lost at School, by Ross Greene and meet with the MTSS Team to implement new strategies to meet the behavioral needs of TRMS´s student population.
     Training Model Subcategory

          Bullet ASCA Legal and Ethical Complications of Working with Minors in Schools Workshop This session is new [A]
Target group: Counselors, interventionists, social workers, psychologists

The school environment poses competing interests between a student’s need for confidentiality and the legal rights of parents, as established by the U.S. Supreme Court, to be the guiding voice in their children’s lives in value-laden issues. Participants will develop an ethical decision-making framework for analyzing and resolving ethical issues through the application of American School Counselor Association Ethical Standards, case and statutory law, school board rules and community standards.

Through small-group and large-group discussion of 40 case studies, participants will be given the opportunity to increase their understanding of the complexities of respecting a minor’s right to confidentiality, to develop a sensitivity to the need to consider their actions in context of each situation for each individual student and to understand the rights of parents. Discussion topics will include areas such as:

  • confidentiality and duty to warn
  • minors’ rights to privacy
  • counselors’ responsibilities toward suicidal children
  • civil and criminal liability
  • sexually active minor clients
  • birth control
  • abortion counseling
  • defamation
  • child abuse
  • HIV-positive students
  • case notes and educational records
  • malpractice in academic advising
  • sexual harassment
  • the Hatch Amendment
  • guidance curriculum and personal conduct

This class will be taught by Dr. Carolyn Stone, ASCA Ethics Chair.
          Bullet Design a Relationship-Based Classroom
Target group: PreK-12 teachers

Discover why creating positive, trusting relationships with students is the most effective classroom management strategy! Participants will learn how the child/teen brain works, understand how to recognize emotions, and practice using relationship-based strategies such as therapeutic limit setting, offering choices, and problem solving. Additionally, participants will understand the importance of consistent classroom rules, expectations, and routines. Lastly, participants will explore the power of apologies and imperfect teaching while learning how to model self-compassion, self-care, and self-regulation.


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