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Note: Courses with [A] have available sessions.

Organizational Development Category

     Performance Management Subcategory

          Bullet Great Minds Do Not Think Alike: Tap into Your Unique Thinking and Behavioral Preferences [A]
Target group: SVVSD staff, sorry no out-of-district

This workshop, also known as "Meeting of the Minds," is based on Emergenetics, the "New Science of Success." The Meeting of the Minds reveals individual and behavioral preferences through experiential and interactive learning. As a participant in Meeting of the Minds, you will receive an Emergenetics Profile and an eight-page narrative identifying your Thinking and Behavioral Preferences. The Office of Professional Development will cover the cost of the Profile.

As a result of this workshop you will gain the following:
  • Strategies for direct and practical applications to your schools, including customizing feedback to staff, students, parents, and other education stakeholders so that communication is enhanced.
  • Learn how to build trust and leverage rapport when honoring others´ Thinking and Behavioral Preferences
  • Build cognitively diverse teams that work more efficiently and creatively.

This seminar will have an immediate impact on lesson planning, student ownership of learning, the intervention process and classroom environment.

You must register by May 14 and complete the profile by June 1.
Failure to do so will forfeit your space to someone on the waiting list.

Please make sure that you will be able to attend before registering for this class. Because the Office of Professional Development is covering the cost of the $100 profile, it is imperative that all participants attend the workshop. Profiles will not be released without attending. In addition, last minute cancellations have a significant impact on data that will be used in the workshop.

Addresses Colorado Teacher Quality Standards: 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E; 3A, 3B, 3C, 3F; 4A, 4B, 4C; 5C
     Process Model Subcategory

          Bullet Fall River Elementary - Social/Emotional Scope and Sequence [A]
Target group: FREL teachers, hopefully one from each grade level

This group will develop a scope and sequence and expectations for each grade level of what social/emotional skills need to be taught each year. They will also develop a more concrete school-wide event schedule to support students´ social and emotional needs during the year.
          Bullet InFocus - Creative Team Schoology [A]
Target group: InFocus Creative Team

This team will create InFocus challenges, video resources, lessons, articles, etc. in Schoology for teachers to be able to use with their students.
     Professional Study Group Model Subcategory

          Bullet Frederick High School - Teacher Burnout and Self-Care [A]
Target group: FHS staff

This group will be reading articles on leading research on how to deal with teacher burnout and how to counter it with self-care. They will also practice self-care methods and look at what methods are more effective to reducing stress and increasing work production.
          Bullet Red Hawk Elementary - Learning by Doing - a PLC Approach [A]
Target group: RHEL teachers

This group will read the book, Learning by Doing by Richard DeFour and reflect on ways to improve scores for RHEL.
          Bullet Skyline High School - Mindsets Matter 2 [A]
Target group: SHS teachers

This group´s main focus will be a differentiated book study where teachers new to the idea of Growth vs. Fixed Mindsets can read Dweck´s book: Growth Mindset: The New Psychology of Success; those who have read that before can delve deeper and look at becoming leaders with a growth mindset by reading The Innovator´s Mindset by George Couros, and those who want to look at ways to specifically apply it to their classrooms can use either Mindsets in the Classroom by Ricci, Creating Innovators by Tony Wagner, or Mathematical Mindsets by Jo Boaler.

They will then use what is read to discuss findings, ah-ha´s, and questions as well as apply strategies to their own lives and classrooms, teaching and empowering students around this idea, too.
          Bullet Timberline PK8 - Schools to Watch
Target group: Timberline PK8 staff

TPK8 would like to become a Schools to Watch School, focusing on school improvements and maintaining a continuous trajectory toward success. They will utilize the Schools to Watch Self-Study and Rating Rubric in the following areas:
  • Academic excellence
  • Development responsiveness
  • Social equity
  • Organizational structure and processes
          Bullet Trail Ridge Middle School - Lost at School Book Study [A]
Target group: TRMS staff

TRMS teachers and administrators have voiced concerns around student behavior. This group´s goal is to improve current behavior responses school-wide and give staff tools for responding to student behavior.

They plan to read the book, Lost at School, by Ross Greene and meet with the MTSS Team to implement new strategies to meet the behavioral needs of TRMS´s student population.
     Training Model Subcategory

          Bullet Adolescent RISE Plus
Target group: All staff

In Adolescent RISE Plus, we will take a fun and in-depth look at the developmental period of adolescence. This will include debunking myths about adolescence, understanding the four qualities of adolescence (risk taking, individuation, social reorientation, and emotional intensity), and learning about neuroplasticity and the adolescent brain. With this foundation, we will discuss ways to work more effectively with adolescent students.

In the second part of the training, we will focus on adolescent wellness and how we can help students become aware of the choices they can make to live a more fulfilling and balanced life. The importance of physical wellness (sleep, exercise, nutrition, avoiding harmful habits) emotional wellness, and social wellness will be addressed. In addition, the benefits of mindfulness, gratitude, and service will be discussed.
          Bullet Conflict Resolution: Strategies for Before, During, and After Conflict Occurs This session is new [A]
Target group: Licensed and classified staff

Conflict happens, and when we have the right tools and skills, we can respond in a way that helps all parties gain perspective and learn from the situation. This course will provide strategies for addressing conflict in three stages: before, during, and after.

Participants will learn circle processes for establishing ground rules and expectations, and holding students accountable to classroom norms. Through experiential learning using realistic conflict scenarios, participants will practice using a map to navigate through conflict between students, or between student and adult. This map can be modified according to the environment and particular rules and expectations of the space, so that it can be applicable across contexts. Course content will address the importance of building clear expectations, respectful, trusting relationships, and how to create opportunities for repair after the conflict or its consequences have caused harm.

This course will be taught in two 4-hour classes. Participation in both classes in mandatory.

Please note: much of the content in this course has also been taught in LCJP´s Restorative Tools for the Classroom Training. Participants who already attended Restorative Tools can benefit by taking this as a refresher course.
          Bullet Design a Relationship-Based Classroom [A]
Target group: PreK-12 teachers

Discover why creating positive, trusting relationships with students is the most effective classroom management strategy! Participants will learn how the child/teen brain works, understand how to recognize emotions, and practice using relationship-based strategies such as therapeutic limit setting, offering choices, and problem solving. Additionally, participants will understand the importance of consistent classroom rules, expectations, and routines. Lastly, participants will explore the power of apologies and imperfect teaching while learning how to model self-compassion, self-care, and self-regulation.
          Bullet Induction Academy

This class is designed to ensure that novice teachers have the tools they need to be successful. Topics of the sessions include:
  • Classroom Management
  • Alpine Achievement/Galileo/Google Docs
  • Academic Language/Sheltered Instruction
  • Backward Design/Assessment Tier One Core Instruction/Engagement
  • Using Data to Make Instructional Decisions

Induction coaches and clinical professors will support first year teachers in their own classrooms as they implement and refine their learning from the Induction Academy.

Registration will remain open until Nov. 30 to accommodate late hires.

Addresses Colorado Teacher Quality Standards: 1A, 2A, 2D, 2E, 3C, 3D, 3E, 3H
          Bullet Institute on LGBTQ-Inclusive Educational Practices [A]
This two-day statewide educational institutes will bring educators, administrators, and other youth-serving adults together to engage in professional development around LGBTQ-inclusive educational practices. Research continues to show that school professionals lack the knowledge, resources, and support needed to appropriately build classrooms, curriculum, and school environments that are safe and affirming of all students.

This professional development institute will offer attendees:
  • Knowledge, skill-building tools, and promising practices for creating safe, affirming learning environments for LGBTQ youth.
  • Resources and support for teaching LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum across content areas and grades
  • Attention to the impact of school culture on intersectional identities
  • Building successful Gay-Straight Alliances and Allies clubs
  • A clear understanding of local, state and federal policies related to supporting and protecting LGBTQ students.
  • Opportunities to network and collaborate with colleagues from across the state.

There is a $15 credit fee when registering with SVVSD. The Office of Professional Development will pay the $40 registration fee to the Institute for the first 30 SVVSD staff to register.

Deadline to register: May 15
          Bullet Leading Transformational Professional Development [A]

Target Group: This class is a requirement for SVVSD Professional Development trainers but anyone wanting to take on a leadership role in their building or at the district level is encouraged to attend.

Participants will increase their confidence as successful presenters, deepen their understanding of key concepts of effective presentations, and add to their repertoire of practical strategies for working with adult learners.

Participants will have multiple opportunities to receive feedback on both the design and delivery of their own presentation.

This addresses Colorado Teacher Quality Standards 3F, 5A, 5B.
          Bullet Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Afternoons
Looking for a training to bring Mindfulness and Stress Reduction to your staff at your site? Desiring to raise the personal awareness of calming strategies and other self-regulation techniques in your building?

Reach out to Corina Remes, our district´s certified Mindfulness Trainer. She is available to provide strategies and techniques aligned to positive education goals.

Please work with your school´s counselor to book a free 8-week series of 30 minute classes conducted at your school . . . contact Corina at corinaremes@gmail

Please do not register here until the Mindfulness class is set up at your school.

Your school´s class may begin at any time up until May. Meeting times will vary between schools.
          Bullet Safe TALK (Suicide Alertness Training) [A]
Almost all of us have or will have a student, a family member, or a friend we are worried about in terms of their risk for suicide. It´s so hard to know how to recognize the danger and then to know what to say or do if you think someone you know might be having thoughts of suicide.

This four-hour workshop will assist you to be more alert in the event that you think that someone you know or love might be having thoughts of suicide. This will be an opportunity to learn what to say and do and how not to miss, dismiss, or avoid the signs of suicide.

Due to the nature of the workshop, it is imperative that participants be able to attend the training in its entirety.


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