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Note: Courses with [A] have available sessions.

The following are Upcoming Conferences

Bullet Special Education Para Educator Skill Blocks [A]
Bullet Administrative Induction and Supervision & Evaluation Training [A]
Bullet Adolescent RISE Plus [A]
Bullet Alternative Assessment in Secondary Mathematics
Bullet April Elementary Literacy Show-Cooperative Learning [A]
Bullet August Elementary Literacy Show-Procedures/Routines/Resources
Bullet Being a School Special Education Facilitator [A]
Bullet Being a Special Educator in St. Vrain - EXPERIENCED [A]
Bullet Being a Special Educator in St. Vrain - NOVICE [A]
Bullet Bilingual Evaluation Process Part 2 [A]
Bullet Black Rock Elementary - Physical Activity Calendar This session is new [A]
Bullet Black Rock Elementary - Positive Behavior = Academic Success = Team Effort
Bullet Black Rock Elementary Summer Retreat 2017
Bullet Blue Mountain Elementary - 1st Grade ReadyGEN
Bullet Blue Mountain Elementary - Responding to Students with Trauma Backgrounds
Bullet Books to Support Student Learning 2
Bullet BrainSTEPS PMP This session is new [A]
Bullet Bring Design Thinking to Life! [A]
Bullet Burlington Elementary - Design Thinking
Bullet CAMLE 2017 Schools-To-Watch Conference This session is new [A]
Bullet Centennial Elementary - ReadyGEN Google Slides for Instruction
Bullet CHAMPS: A Proactive and Positive Approach to Classroom Management [A]
Bullet CLD Factors and the SPED Referral Process (online)
Bullet CMEA Presentation of Classroom Assessment & Instructional Aid Materials for Music for Special Kids This session is new [A]
Bullet Coaching Classroom Management [A]
Bullet Colorado Outward Bound Science Leadership Planning
Bullet Columbine Elementary - Digital Classroom Environments: Schoology & SeeSaw
Bullet Columbine Elementary - Mindsets in the Classroom Book Study
Bullet Core Word Wall for ECSE and Elementary SSN
Bullet CPR [A]
Bullet CPR for Pre-School Staff
Bullet Crisis Prevention & Intervention (CPI) Refresher Training [A]
Bullet Crisis Prevention and Intervention (CPI) Hybrid Initial Training [A]
Bullet Crisis Prevention and Intervention (CPI) Initial Training [A]
Bullet CU Succeed This session is new [A]
Bullet December Elementary Literacy Show-Writing [A]
Bullet Design a Relationship-Based Classroom
Bullet Design Challenge Institute [A]
Bullet Designing and Teaching Online Professional Development Part 1 [A]
Bullet Designing and Teaching Online Professional Development Part 2 [A]
Bullet DIBELS Next Essentials Training
Bullet Differentiating with Depth and Complexity Icons [A]
Bullet Drawing is for Everyone!
Bullet Eagle Crest Elementary - 4th Grade Curriculum Maps Alignment with ReadyGen & Technology Integration
Bullet ECSE Crisis Prevention and Intervention (CPI) Hybrid Initial Training This session is new [A]
Bullet EdCamp Longmont 2017
Bullet Elementary Choir Festival Planning [A]
Bullet Elementary Math Pilot Meetings (enVisionmath 2.0) [A]
Bullet Erie High School - Advisory 2017-18 This session is new [A]
Bullet Erie High School - Teacher Ropes [A]
Bullet Erie Middle School - Innovation Design Team Proposal [A]
Bullet Erie Middle School - Science [A]
Bullet Fall River Elementary - 3rd Grade ReadyGen Alignment
Bullet February Elementary Literacy Show-Generative Vocabulary [A]
Bullet Finding Balance through Breathing and Movement
Bullet First Aid [A]
Bullet First Aid for Pre-School Staff
Bullet Flagstaff Academy - CAFE Book Study [A]
Bullet Foundations in Instructional Coaching [A]
Bullet Frederick High School - Integrated Curriculum Team [A]
Bullet Frederick High School - 11th Grade English Common Assessments & Alignment
Bullet Frederick High School - Advisory Team Fall 2017 [A]
Bullet Frederick High School - HMH Math Implementation 2017-18 [A]
Bullet GOLD® IRR Re-Certification [A]
Bullet Great Minds Do Not Think Alike for ECE & Administrators This session is new [A]
Bullet Great Minds Do Not Think Alike for New Teachers
Bullet Great Minds Do Not Think Alike: Tap into Your Unique Thinking and Behavioral Preferences
Bullet Guitars in the Classroom
Bullet High School Social Studies Pilot Meetings [A]
Bullet High-Quality Physical Education Online 2017-18 [A]
Bullet Hygiene Elementary STEAM Camp
Bullet Induction 2017-2018 (Licensed) [A]
Bullet Induction Academy
Bullet Innovation Academy Exploration
Bullet Instructional Coaching Institute
Bullet Instructional SPED Support
Bullet Integrated STEM Plan Development This session is new [A]
Bullet Integrating the Whole Brain for the Classroom (Brain Gym)
Bullet Introduction to MQI Coaching (Mathematical Quality of Instruction) This session is new [A]
Bullet Introduction to Programming with Scratch
Bullet January Elementary Literacy Show-Foundational Skills (Mid-Year Diagnostic) [A]
Bullet Java & Books
Bullet Legacy Elementary - Orton-Gilligham Team [A]
Bullet Lessons on Local Government
Bullet Longmont High School - 9th grade Transition Team 2017-18 [A]
Bullet Longmont High School - Special Education Curriculum Development
Bullet Longmont High School - Technology Lunch & Learn This session is new [A]
Bullet Longs Peak Middle School Technology Committee 2017-18
Bullet March Elementary Literacy Show-Understanding Year-End Diagnostic [A]
Bullet May Elementary Literacy Show-The Year Ahead & Behind [A]
Bullet Mead High School - Coaching Better Every Season Book Study [A]
Bullet Mead Middle School - The Growth Mindset Coach [A]
Bullet Medication Administration
Bullet Mental Health Awareness and Intervention in Schools [A]
Bullet Mentor Training for Licensed Teachers [A]
Bullet Methods for Teaching Secondary Financial Literacy with Economic Reasoning
Bullet Mindful Ways to Integrate Technology
Bullet Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Afternoons [A]
Bullet Mindsets
Bullet Motivational Interviewing in Schools - Part 2
Bullet Mountain View Elementary iPad Roll Out Preparedness [A]
Bullet National Forum´s School to Watch Conference
Bullet Neuroteach - Online Book Study
Bullet Niwot High School - Strategic Planning for IB
Bullet Niwot High School Student Council Curriculum Development
Bullet Niwot High School´s IB DP Course Outline and Unit Plans Development [A]
Bullet November Elementary Literacy Show - Backward Planning/PBA [A]
Bullet Novice 2 Induction Cohort [A]
Bullet Number Worlds Math Curriculum Training
Bullet October Elementary Literacy Show- Whole Group (CLose Reading) [A]
Bullet Old Columbine High School - Alternative School SPF Measures This session is new [A]
Bullet Olde Columbine High School - Project-Based Learning [A]
Bullet OT Rubrics
Bullet Peer Observation Training [A]
Bullet READ ACT and Assessment Training for Special Education Staff
Bullet Responding to the Needs of Gifted Students in SVVSD [A]
Bullet Responding to the Needs of Gifted Students in SVVSD - Secondary [A]
Bullet Savvy Tools for Savvy Readers - Elementary Section
Bullet Savvy Tools for Savvy Readers - Secondary Section
Bullet Scheduling at Mead (S@M) Committee [A]
Bullet Self-Care Strategies for Interventionists/Mental Health Counselors [A]
Bullet September Elementary Literacy Show - Small Group Formation (i-Ready Data & PALS) [A]
Bullet Silver Creek High School - Implementing Curricular Resources [A]
Bullet Skyline High School - Mindsets and Mentoring [A]
Bullet Skyline High School - Mindsets Matter 2 This session is new [A]
Bullet Skyline High School - Tech Team This session is new [A]
Bullet Solution-Focused Brief Therapy for Use in Schools [A]
Bullet Spark! Discovery Preschool - Instructional Planning for Mathematics in Early Childhood
Bullet Spark! Discovery Preschool - Looking Forward and Leaning In
Bullet SPARK: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain Book Study
Bullet St. Vrain Teacher Summer Writing Institute
Bullet St. Vrain Valley Schools Physical Activity Leadership Team [A]
Bullet STEM in Early Childhood Year 2 [A]
Bullet Student Data Privacy and Security in the Classroom
Bullet Sunset Middle School - IB Unit Development Summer 2017
Bullet SVVSD Gender and Sexual Diversity Teacher Institutes [A]
Bullet SVVSD PK-12 Computer Science Collaborative [A]
Bullet SVVSD PK-12 Robotics Collaborative [A]
Bullet Teach Like a Champion
Bullet Teaching Strategies GOLD® Basic & IRR Certification [A]
Bullet The Digital Student Part 2
Bullet The Gift of Mindful Teaching
Bullet Thinking Maps (Strengthening Cognitive Skills)
Bullet Thunder Valley K-8 - Thank You for Being Late
Bullet Thunder Valley K8 - Mathematical Mindsets
Bullet Thunder Valley K8 - Nearpod Lesson Development for 3rd Grade ReadyGen
Bullet Timberline PK8 - Beyond Prototyping: What´s in the STEM Lab & How Can I Use It for Instruction?
Bullet Timberline PK8 - Mindsets
Bullet Timberline PK8 - Student Voice and Choice
Bullet Trail Ridge Middle School - 7th Grade Book Study
Bullet Transition Planning of Student Council Sponsorship
Bullet Universal Precautions for Pre-School Staff
Bullet US History - A Thematic View [A]
Bullet Using Q Interactive for Academic Achievement Evaluations
Bullet Using the iPad to Engage Early Learners
Bullet Using Thinking Maps to Capture Complex Thinking and Create Complex Writing Grades K-2
Bullet Westview Boot Camp 2017
Bullet Youth Mental Health First Aid
Bullet Zones of Regulation


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