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Note: Courses with [A] have available sessions.

The following are Upcoming Conferences

Bullet Special Education Para Educator Skill Blocks - East [A]
Bullet Special Education Para Educator Skill Blocks - West [A]
Bullet 2019 NEA Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly This session is new [A]
Bullet 7 Mindsets Academy This session is new [A]
Bullet Acadience Reading (DIBELS Next)
Bullet Adolescent RISE [A]
Bullet Alpine Elementary - Enhanced PYP: From Principles into Practice [A]
Bullet Apple Vanguard Program [A]
Bullet Black Rock Elementary - Wild Card Book Study
Bullet Blue Mountain Elementary - Happy Teachers Change the World This session is new [A]
Bullet Book Study: Brainstorm´The Power and the Purpose of the Teenage Brain´ [A]
Bullet Books to Support Student Learning 2019 This session is new [A]
Bullet Boulder County Latino History Project Teacher Workshop [A]
Bullet Burlington Elementary - Traits Team [A]
Bullet Camp EmpowerED 2019 [A]
Bullet Centennial Elementary - Happy Teachers Change the World Book Study [A]
Bullet Coaching Classroom Management: A Guide for Coaches, Administrators, and Peer Observers
Bullet Cognitive Coaching - Advanced [A]
Bullet Colorado Medication Administration Training for Unlicensed Assistive Personnel [A]
Bullet Colorado STATE VEX IQ Championship 2018-19
Bullet Core Word Wall for Educators of Students Who Have Complex Commnication Needs This session is new [A]
Bullet CPR [A]
Bullet Creating A Classroom Climate for Teaching Strategies that Engage and Assess [A]
Bullet Creating Online Professional Development in Schoology Part 1 [A]
Bullet Crisis Prevention & Intervention (CPI) Refresher Training [A]
Bullet Critical Creativity for the Classroom
Bullet Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain [A]
Bullet Decoding and the Struggling Reader This session is new [A]
Bullet Design a Relationship-Based Classroom [A]
Bullet - A Deeper Dive [A]
Bullet Developing Student Agency in the Secondary Classroom Part II [A]
Bullet Digital Making Workshop
Bullet Drawing is for Everyone! [A]
Bullet Drums Alive Curriculum [A]
Bullet Drums Alive DRUMSTASTIC!
Bullet Elementary Choir Festival Planning 2019 [A]
Bullet Elementary Music Adoption Training [A]
Bullet Elementary Social Studies Pilot Meetings [A]
Bullet Elementary Social Studies Pilot Training [A]
Bullet EmpowerED Leadership with Dan Willingham [A]
Bullet Erie High School Advisory 2018-19
Bullet Erie High School Science Summer PST 2019 This session is new [A]
Bullet Erie Middle School - Blended Learning - Spring 2019
Bullet Erie Middle School - PD Bingo [A]
Bullet Erie Middle:CWG [A]
Bullet FHS Study Team of teacher Burnout and Self Care Spring 2019 [A]
Bullet Finding Calm in the Chaos Online
Bullet First Aid [A]
Bullet Frederick High School - Advisory Team Spring 2019
Bullet Frederick High School - Jumpstart Planning & Analysis Year 2 This session is new [A]
Bullet Frederick High School - Take Action: Learn, Do and Share Spring 2019
Bullet Frederick High School - Take Action: Learn, Do and Share Winter 2019
Bullet GOLD® IRR Re-Certification [A]
Bullet Great Minds Do Not Think Alike: Tap into Your Unique Thinking and Behavioral Preferences [A]
Bullet Guided Inquiry Design - Designing Social Studies Units that Inspire Deeper Learning This session is new [A]
Bullet Health Education for Students with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities [A]
Bullet Hygiene Elem- Text Set Project PST
Bullet iCreate, Students Create, Everyone Can Create [A]
Bullet Induction 2018-19 (Licensed) [A]
Bullet Introduction to Advanced Technologies - AR, VR, and AI: Tools to Augment Student Outcomes
Bullet Leading Transformational Professional Development [A]
Bullet Legacy Elementary Pineapple Chart PST [A]
Bullet Lessons on Local Government [A]
Bullet Level Up: Schoology [A]
Bullet Longmont High School - Integrated ELA Planning [A]
Bullet Lost and Found Book Study
Bullet Lost at School Book Study
Bullet Love & Logic - 9 Essential Skills for the Love & Logic Classroom
Bullet Lyons Elem/Senior Late Start Curriculum Development Part 2 [A]
Bullet Making Thinking Visible [A]
Bullet Mathematical Routines for Reasoning [A]
Bullet Mead Elem Problem- Based Learning [A]
Bullet Mead Elementary School MTSS Team [A]
Bullet Mead High School - ASCA Book Study [A]
Bullet Mead High SLD Evaluations [A]
Bullet Meeting the Needs of Twice Exceptional Students [A]
Bullet Mindsets
Bullet Modern Band [A]
Bullet MTSS for SLPs
Bullet Multimodal Texts in the Secondary English Classroom [A]
Bullet Multiplication: A Deeper Dive Grades 3-5 [A]
Bullet My TeachingStrategies GOLD® Courses & IRR Certification [A]
Bullet Niwot High School - MTSS Team [A]
Bullet Niwot High School - PD Bingo
Bullet Planning and Implementing the SMART Teams Program- Spring 2019 [A]
Bullet Practical Application of Smartmusic in the Music Class [A]
Bullet Practical Student Engagement [A]
Bullet Prairie Ridge Elementary - ´How to Plan Rigorous Instruction´ Book Study
Bullet Prairie Ridge Elementary - Learning Targets 2018-19
Bullet Professional Development Information System E-Learning [A]
Bullet Professional Mental Health Book Study [A]
Bullet Resiliency for All
Bullet Rock CS [A]
Bullet Rocky Mountain Elementary - Master Schedule Task Force
Bullet Rocky Mountain Technology Integration PST [A]
Bullet Rocky Mountain: Social Emotional Skills [A]
Bullet Safe TALK (Suicide Alertness Training) [A]
Bullet Savvy Tools for Savvy Readers - Elementary - Summer 2019 [A]
Bullet Science Standards Revision - Grades 3-5
Bullet Science Standards Revision - Grades K-2
Bullet Science Standards Revision - High School
Bullet Science Standards Revision - Middle School
Bullet Secondary Academic Lab [A]
Bullet Self Reg: How to Help Your Child (and You) Break the Stress Cycle and Successfully Engage with Life [A]
Bullet Sketchnoting for Learning [A]
Bullet Soaring Heights PK8 - Phonological Awareness Book Study
Bullet Soaring Heights PK8 Lesson Study 2018-19
Bullet Socratic Seminars: Critical Thinking Through Conversation [A]
Bullet Student Data Privacy and Security in the Classroom [A]
Bullet Studio Thinking From the Start Book Study [A]
Bullet Study of Assessment for Students with Visual Impairments [A]
Bullet Sunset Middle School - Extreme Classroom Makeover [A]
Bullet Sunset Middle School - Help for Billy, MS Mind Book Study
Bullet Taking Care of You, So You Can Take Care of Others
Bullet Teaching Science: The 2020 Colorado Academic Standards This session is new [A]
Bullet The Book Whisperer Book Study . . . and so much more! [A]
Bullet The Gift of Mindful Teaching [A]
Bullet The Standards of Effective Pedagogy: Standards 1 and 2 (Grades K-12)
Bullet The Standards of Effective Pedagogy: Standards 3 and 4 (Grades K-12) [A]
Bullet The Standards of Effective Pedagogy: Standards 5 and 6 (Grades K-12) [A]
Bullet Thinking Maps (Strengthening Cognitive Skills) [A]
Bullet Thinking Outside the Box: BreakoutEDU in the Classroom! [A]
Bullet Timberline PK8 - 7 Mindsets Book Study
Bullet Timberline PK8- Lost At School [A]
Bullet Trail Ridge Middle School - Lost at School Book Study/MTSS
Bullet Using Thinking Maps Across the Curriculum [A]
Bullet VEX Challenge - Columbine Elementary
Bullet VEX Challenge - Erie MS
Bullet VEX Challenge - Flagstaff Academy
Bullet VEX Challenge - Trail Ridge MS
Bullet Vrain Waves Podcast - Season 2 [A]
Bullet Wonderful Watercolor! [A]
Bullet Working with the Workshop Model [A]
Bullet World Language Lesson Plan Tied to 2020 Standards
Bullet Writing Workshop in the Secondary English Classroom [A]
Bullet YES Brain, How to Cultivate Courage, Curiosity, and Resilience in Your Child Book Study [A]
Bullet Yoshimoto OG Refresher Class [A]
Bullet You: The Mathematician [A]


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