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Note: Courses with [A] have available sessions.

The following are Upcoming Conferences

Bullet Special Education Para Educator Skill Blocks - East [A]
Bullet Special Education Para Educator Skill Blocks - West [A]
Bullet #SVVSDTechBingo 3 Bingos [A]
Bullet #SVVSDTechBingo Blackout Bingo [A]
Bullet AdHoc Reporting in Infinite Campus [A]
Bullet Administrative Induction and Supervision & Evaluation Training [A]
Bullet Adolescent RISE Plus [A]
Bullet Advanced CPI Refresher - Enhancing Verbal Skills [A]
Bullet AP Capstone 2018-19 [A]
Bullet APEX - GRIT Study This session is new [A]
Bullet ASIST Version XI (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) [A]
Bullet Basics of Teaching ELL
Bullet Being a Special Educator in St. Vrain - EXPERIENCED [A]
Bullet Being a Special Educator in St. Vrain - NOVICE [A]
Bullet Being an Itinerant in St. Vrain [A]
Bullet Best Instructional Practices in Special Education [A]
Bullet Beyond the Pod: Radical Candor
Bullet Black Rock Elementary - Kindergarten enVisionmath 2.0 [A]
Bullet Black Rock Elementary - Wild Card Book Study
Bullet CAMLE 2018 Conference [A]
Bullet Centennial Elementary - PBIS Study Team 2018-19 [A]
Bullet Centennial Elementary Tech Tuesdays [A]
Bullet Coal Ridge Middle School - Creating Effective Academic/Social Supports for Struggling Students [A]
Bullet Cognitive Coaching - Advanced [A]
Bullet Cognitive Coaching Foundation Seminar Part 1
Bullet Cognitive Coaching Foundation Seminar Part 2 [A]
Bullet Colorado Medication Administration Training for Unlicensed Assistive Personnel This session is new [A]
Bullet Community of Practice: Investigating Edtech in Elementary Classrooms [A]
Bullet Concussion 101 and Protracted Recovery from Concussion (504?)
Bullet Conflict Resolution: Strategies for Before, During, and After Conflict Occurs
Bullet Counselor/Interventionist Hot Topics [A]
Bullet Crisis Prevention & Intervention (CPI) Refresher Training [A]
Bullet Crisis Prevention and Intervention (CPI) Hybrid Initial Training [A]
Bullet DIBELS Next Essentials Training [A]
Bullet Differentiating with Depth and Complexity Icons [A]
Bullet Effective Collaboration in the Special Education Itinerant Model [A]
Bullet Elementary Choir Festival Planning 2018 [A]
Bullet Enhance the Teaching of Foundational Strategies in your Language Arts Block with this Reading Triage
Bullet Enrich (IEP) Training Day
Bullet enVisionmath2.0 Collaboration Grades 3-5 [A]
Bullet enVisionmath2.0 Collaboration Grades K-2 [A]
Bullet Erie Feeder Secondary Math Collaboration [A]
Bullet Erie High School - Advanced Placement Collaboration [A]
Bullet Erie High School - Chemistry Lab Redevelopment [A]
Bullet Erie High School - Improving Practice in the Digital Age This session is new [A]
Bullet Erie High School - Improving STEM Alignment [A]
Bullet Erie High School - New Teacher Ropes [A]
Bullet Erie High School Advisory 2018-19 [A]
Bullet Erie Middle School - Blended Learning - Fall 2018 [A]
Bullet Erie Middle School - The Energy Bus [A]
Bullet Frederick Feeder Pre-Algebra PST [A]
Bullet Frederick High School - A Better Afternoon Banter [A]
Bullet Frederick High School - Advisory Team Fall 2018 This session is new [A]
Bullet Frederick High School - Integrated Team Fall 2018 [A]
Bullet Frederick High School - Jumpstart Planning and Analysis
Bullet Frederick High School - Take Action: Learn, Do and Share (Neuroteach) [A]
Bullet Frederick High School - Take Action: Learn, Do, and Share (Role Reversal) [A]
Bullet Frederick High School - Teacher Burnout and Self-Care Fall 2018 [A]
Bullet GOLD® IRR Re-Certification [A]
Bullet Grand View Learns as One v1.0
Bullet High School Counselor PST [A]
Bullet Hygiene Elementary - Vrain Waves Study and Action [A]
Bullet Induction 2018-19 (Licensed) [A]
Bullet Induction Academy [A]
Bullet Java & Books
Bullet Law in American Society Course Development This session is new [A]
Bullet Learning and Applying Design Thinking
Bullet Learning To Provide an Inclusive Environment Through the Use of Non-Linguistic Representation
Bullet Legacy Elementary - Zones of Regulation [A]
Bullet Longmont High School - 9th Grade Team 2018-19 [A]
Bullet Longmont High School - Student Agency Workshop [A]
Bullet Longs Peak Middle School Technology Committee 2018-19
Bullet Lyons Elementary/Middle/Senior Late Start Curriculum Development [A]
Bullet Lyons Middle School - Seven Mindsets
Bullet Mathematical Mindsets Book Study
Bullet Mead High School - AP Study Group 2018-19 [A]
Bullet Mead High School - Common Performance Assessments for World Language [A]
Bullet Mental Health Awareness and Intervention in Schools
Bullet Mentor Training for Licensed Teachers [A]
Bullet Middle School & High School ICAP Lesson Planning This session is new [A]
Bullet Mindsets
Bullet Modern Band [A]
Bullet Motivational Interviewing in Schools - Part 2
Bullet Mountain View Elementary - iReady and ReadyGen Skills Integration [A]
Bullet Mountain View Elementary enVisionmath2.0 [A]
Bullet Mountain View Elementary iPad Preparedness Part 2 [A]
Bullet MTSS for SLPs [A]
Bullet My TeachingStrategies GOLD® Courses & IRR Certification [A]
Bullet Neuroteach - Online Book Study
Bullet Niwot High School - 9th Grade Transition [A]
Bullet Niwot High School - Coffee and Classroom Management
Bullet Niwot High School - IB DP Course Outline and Unit Plans Development Part 2 [A]
Bullet Niwot High School - Letter of Rec Seminar [A]
Bullet Niwot High School: Subjects Matter: A Book Study [A]
Bullet Northridge Elementary - Departmentalizing 5th Grade in Action [A]
Bullet Novice 2 Induction Cohort [A]
Bullet Planning and Implementing the SMART Teams Program - Fall 2018 [A]
Bullet Practical Student Engagement
Bullet Prairie Ridge Elementary - Learning Targets 2018-19 [A]
Bullet Prairie Ridge Elementary - Understanding Gifted Learners [A]
Bullet Professional Development Information System E-Learning [A]
Bullet Reading 101: A Guide to Teaching Reading and Writing
Bullet Responding to the Needs of Gifted Students in SVVSD - Elementary [A]
Bullet Responding to the Needs of Gifted Students in SVVSD - Secondary [A]
Bullet Sanborn Elementary - S.T.A.R.S. (PBIS) [A]
Bullet Sanborn Elementary - Team Tech [A]
Bullet Scheduling at Mead (S@M) Committee
Bullet Schoology Bootcamp for Elementary Teachers [A]
Bullet Self-Care for Interventionists Fall 2018 [A]
Bullet Skyline High School - E-Credit During the Day Collaboration [A]
Bullet Skyline High School - Embracing Mindfulness for Children in Trauma [A]
Bullet Skyline High School - Mentoring [A]
Bullet Skyline High School - PTECH Book Study [A]
Bullet Soaring Heights PK8 Lesson Study 2018-19 [A]
Bullet Social Emotional Learning Training for GSA Club Sponsory
Bullet Spark! Discovery Preschool - Technology Committee [A]
Bullet Standards-Based Instruction in the Innovative Classroom
Bullet STEM in ECE [A]
Bullet Structured Teaching for Students with Autism [A]
Bullet Student Data Privacy and Security in the Classroom
Bullet Sunset Middle School - What Great Teachers Do Differently [A]
Bullet SVVSD Gender and Sexual Diversity Teacher Institutes [A]
Bullet SVVSD Gender and Sexual Diversity Teacher Institutes Level 2 [A]
Bullet SVVSD IDEO Teachers´ Guild [A]
Bullet The Book Whisperer Book Study . . . and so much more!
Bullet The Book Whisperer in Practice
Bullet The Digital Student Part 3
Bullet The Digital Student Part 4
Bullet The Gift of Mindful Teaching
Bullet Thinking Maps (Strengthening Cognitive Skills) [A]
Bullet Timberline PK8 - Help for Billy [A]
Bullet Timberline PK8 Advisory [A]
Bullet Trail Ridge Middle School - Differentiating with Depth and Complexity Icons: PST [A]
Bullet Vrain Waves Podcast - Season 1 [A]
Bullet Vrain Waves Podcast - Season 2 [A]
Bullet Working with the Workshop Model


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