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Monday, June 18, 2018        Help On Using Coursewhere
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Welcome to a time for District learning!

Please take advantage of the professional learning opportunities offered in Lincoln Public Schools to develop skills, build capacities, and establish relationships with fellow workers.
Registration & Confirmation

Please pre-register for both courses and district-wide staff development through our on-line system. Each school library will have a computer with Internet access. You may still register by mail or in person by using the catalog in your school and the registration forms provided. Your media center and/or school office will have catalogs and extra registration forms. Registration is open to all LPS staff.

To register for Staff Development Courses or Workshops,

To register for a Staff Development Day session,

  • Select the VIEW BY CATEGORY icon; select a level and click GO.
  • To register from here, select a course title and proceed with registration steps.
  • To view all offerings in your content or specialist category, select the VIEW BY INTEREST icon. To read descriptions or to register from here, select the title of interest, click GO and proceed with registration steps. All sessions are listed in the VIEW BY INTEREST category. Register for the course number for your level.

Registration steps for both Courses and Staff Development Day

  • When you have reached the course or session description for which you wish to register,
  • Click on the start date and scroll down to the bottom of the next screen to the CLICK HERE TO REGISTER box.
  • First-time users will need to create a student (staff) ID and password. Click on CREATE ACCOUNT.
  • Enter a student (staff) ID and password of your choosing (both can be up to 10 digits, alpha and/or numeric). They may be the same.
  • Click on SUBMIT ID/PASSWORD. The system will confirm that your ID and password have been accepted.
  • After creating your ID and password, you will be LOGGED ON. If you have already created a logon ID and password, DO NOT create another.
  • Complete the registration form. Choose your building from the drop list. Please enter the last four digits of your social security number. This is an encrypted secure site; therefore, your social security number and personal information are protected. Click SUBMIT REGISTRATION. A Security Alert warning may appear on your screen. Please ignore this - your information is secure! Check YES and proceed to register.
  • An on-screen confirmation will appear; please print for your records. If payment is due, return a copy with payment including materials fee (if any) to Box 45. You will also receive an email confirmation if you have provided your email address. These are the only confirmations you will receive.
  • To register for another course or session, return to View by Category, and repeat the steps above.
  • LOGOFF when you have completed registering.

To unregister from Staff Development Courses and Workshops, or Staff Development Day Sessions

  • To unregister, go to LOGON on the Staff Development Home Page. LOGON is located on the Home Page directly under the Day/Date. LOGON using the student (staff) ID and password you created. When logon is complete, you will be returned to the Staff Development Home Page. Click on VIEW TRANSCRIPT located directly under the Day/Date on the home page. Your transcript will appear. Under COURSE NAME, scroll down to the course/workshop name or Staff Development Day session from which you want to unregister and click on that name. A verification of deletion will appear.
Notification of a cancelled class

  • Notification of cancellation of a class will be made through e-mail by the on-line system. If you have no e-mail address, you will need to call our office (436-1810 or 436-1851) to check on a possible cancellation prior to the first class.
  • Cancellation notices are normally made one week in advance. In case of cancellations due to inclement weather, a message will be sent through the email system. Please check your e-mail prior to coming to class.


Further information may be obtained by calling
Amy Windle at 436-1810 or Heather Abernethy at 436-1851, or via

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