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Student Learning Objectives (SLO) Workshop

District teaching teams will work to develop SLOs aligned with Michigan’s school improvement process to support teacher development and measure student growth that can be used by ALL teachers, not just those in tested grades and subjects. An SLO is a measurable, long-term, standard-based academic goal informed by available data that a teacher or teacher team sets at the beginning of the year for all students or for subgroups of students. Why use SLO’s?? SLOs reinforce evidence-based teaching practices. SLOs can be used with all teachers. SLOs are adaptable. SLOs encourage collaboration. SLOs acknowledge the value of educator knowledge and skill. SLOs connect teacher practice to student learning. What Does Early Research Indicate? Teachers reported increased focus on student achievement and data use, and increased use of evidence-based practices as a result of the SLO goal-setting process (Community Training and Assistance Center, 2013; What Works Clearinghouse, 2009). Teachers using SLOs valued the opportunity to analyze data and plan instruction as part of the SLO process and reported feeling “empowered” and taking a more active role in their evaluation after SLOs were implemented (Donaldson, 2012; TNTP, 2012).


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