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Understanding Student Behavior from a Trauma Perspective

So much of our daily struggle in education centers around student behavior. Often times, with pure intentions, we seek special edcuation eligibility as the answer because of the resources availabel to a child who qualifies. Jim henry, with his dynamic and entertaining presentation style will walk us through the impact on a child who experiences trauma (physical, sexual, emotional abuse, sever neglect in the forms of malnutient or emotional attachment as well as children experiencing a family divorce or playground bullying). Behaviors expressed by chldren in these situations can sometimes look like that of a disablity that might warrant special education services. Jim will talk us through an alternative explination of the behavior. This is critical because special education cannot help the child or the child’s brain recover from trauma. There are, however, many strategies that a school can put into place to help a child feel safe and be availabel to learn. Who among us is availeble to learn when we are scarred/anxious/reactive? Please join me for a day of learning that was never covered in gradute school. Dr. James Henry, co-founder and project director for the internationally renowned Western Michigan University’s Children’s Trauma Assessment Center.


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