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Managing the Differentiated Classroom

Please be advised that the workshops are designated as follows: 08-15-13: Elementary 08-16-13: Secondary Participants will leave with an action plan for setting up a differentiated classroom, including opportunities to build and work with a network of teachers trying differentiation for the first time. Not only will participants be provided process time to apply what they learn, but they will also benefit from experiencing differentiation as a learner. All participants are required to provide data and artifacts that demonstrate how they have implemented the structures and procedures addressed in the workshop. Learning Outcomes The learner will: • Pre-assess, using a check sheet, her/his level of understanding regarding differentiated instruction • Distinguish the differentiation framework from group work and whole group instruction • Set up procedures for the teacher and student to monitor and assess student behavior (For example, Class Dojo and Behavior Checklists) • Create room arrangements that optimize differentiated instruction • Evaluate organizational methods that work best for the teacher • Create procedures for gathering supplies, moving in the room, checking-in/out, tracking standards and vocabulary Target Audience: Two Groupings: K-5 and 6-12 Recommended for teachers… -Willing to implement differentiation into their classroom this school year -Willing to collect data, artifacts (video, pictures, lessons, checklists) to show how they are implementing differentiation -Setting up differentiation in the classroom for the first time (This session is NOT intended for teachers who have successfully utilized work stations or centers, moved students in and out of groups, and organized groups. What to Bring: Laptop or Ipad Class lists Curriculum Standards Behavioral expectations Recommended Course Sequence: It is recommended that teachers take this course prior to any courses in the differentiation series. If teachers took Differentiation Tier 1 Reading Classroom in 2012-13 with Carla Osborn or have successfully utilized work stations/centers (see note above), they may wish to skip this session.


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