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Iowa Eligibility & Evaluation Standards Training

This course is for MBAEA staff only - social workers, psychologists, and education consultants.

The Iowa Eligibility & Evaluation Standards Training: Providing a foundational understanding of the ‘what and why’ of The Iowa Eligibility & Evaluation Standards.

This training provides foundational knowledge on The Iowa Eligibility and Evaluation Standards (December, 2015). This training is intended to provide the foundation for sound decisions and consistent statewide practices related to eligibility decisions including suspecting a disability, determining eligibility and developing Individual Education Plan Services. This training is intended for professionals who evaluate students for special education in Iowa and their leaders who supervise or provide related professional learning.

There are two items you will need to complete PRIOR to our first session together:
1. Please complete a short Pre-assessment
2. Please complete the Key Beliefs Survey found as a part of the State’s online course on the eligibility standards. You can access the online course at AEA Learning System (the site were you recently took Blood Borne Pathogens and Right to Know)
You will then need to register for the course: Iowa’s Eligibility & Evaluation Standards: Foundation Training. After completing the introduction of the course, start Section 1. Go to page 9 to find the Beliefs Survey. This can be accessed by using the next page buttons at the top right corner of your screen or by accessing the table of contents button on the top left corner of your screen. Please do not hesitate to contact Allison Wilhelm ( if you have any difficulty getting into the site to access the Key Beliefs Survey.

Course Syllabus

Instructors: Aaron Roome, Allison Wilhelm, Ardie Miller, Claudia Reyes Fry, Geri Massey, Jennifer Hawley, Kim Hofmann, Mary Cashman, Stephanie Lindmark

Location: MBAEA, Bettendorf

social workers, psychologists, and consultants serving Davenport Schools:
Session 7216
Wednesdays: 9/21, 10/5, 10/12, (10/26 - cxld), 11/9, 11/16, 12/7, 12/15, 1/18/17
Time: 2:00 - 4:00

All other AEA social workers, psychologists, and consultants:
Session 7217
Fridays: 9/23, 10/28, 1/20/17, 2/24/17
Time: 12:30 - 4:30

29+ hours outside work as outlined on syllabus.

$120 for 1 Drake EDMA credit
$40 for 1 Relicensure credit
$10 for CEUs; CEUs are not for nurses or teacher relicensure
no cost for audit/no credit

For more information about Drake Univ. EDMA credit visit Drake Credit Info on the MBAEA Professional Development webpage.


For more information, contact Betsy Justis at 1-563-344-6481, 1-800-947-2329 extension 6481, or email .

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