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Fierce Conversations (Evaluator Renewal)

This course can be used to earn the two credits in Evaluation to renew a Professional Administrator License or and Evaluator License.

What gets talked about in an organization and how it gets talked about determines what will happen . . . or won’t happen. Consequently, the work begins by putting into place a foundation. Four conversation models that become “workhorses” for individuals and organizations will be covered in this course:

• Team Conversations
• Coaching Conversations
• Delegation Conversations
• Confrontation Conversations

With the focus on these four conversations, participates will be supported in their implementation through a professional learning community providing coaching and feedback.

Instructors: John Hawley, Carrie Lane

Dates: 6/18/18, 6/19/18, 6/20/18, 6/21/18
Time: 8:00-4:30
Location: MBAEA Bettendorf

$335 for 2 Relicensure credits - meets the evaluator credit requirement to renew an admin or evaluator license

Not available for audit or Drake grad credit.


For more information, contact Betsy Justis at 1-563-344-6481, 1-800-947-2329 extension 6481, or email .

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