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Curriculum and School Improvement Network (CSIN)

The purpose of the AEA 9 Curriculum and School Improvement Network is to provide a forum so district representatives can work in a collegial environment to share resources and confront challenges that are required for implementing high impact professional development. We will use this format to engage in learning around the Learning Forward Standards in order to plan, implement, collect and analyze data in order to ensure quality professional development is occuring in districts.

Course Syllabus

Registration for this course will close 11/7/13. Registration is restricted to AEA 9 area curriculum directors.

Instructor: Nicole Peterson
Session: 6097
Dates: 11/7/13, 12/5/13, 2/6/14, 3/6/14, 4/3/14, 5/1/14
Time: during CSIN meetings
Location: Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency

1 Drake credit $170
1 Relicensure credit $100
no cost for Audit/no credit


For more information, contact Betsy Justis at 1-563-344-6481, 1-800-947-2329 extension 6481, or email .

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