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Early Childhood Positive Behavior Intervention &Supports:Promoting Social&Emotional Competence:Part1

Early Childhood Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports is an approach for addressing a childīs behavior. It is based on humanistic values and research. It is an approach for developing an understanding of why the child has challenging behavior and teaching the child new skills to replace the challenging behavior.

This program is a holistic approach that considers all of the factors that impact a child, a family, and the childīs behavior. Through emerging research, it has been found that Early Childhood Positive Behavior Intervention & Support is a very powerful intervention that is effective with all ages, diverse groups, and people of various cultures and abilities. It is the only comprehensive approach that is evidence-based and addresses challenging behaviors within a variety of natural settings.

This course is part 1 of 2. In part 1, the instructors will cover Modules 1 & 2. Part 2 of this program will be offered at a later date and will cover modules 3a, 3b & 4.

(This course was formerly known as Program-Wide Positive Behavior Supports for Young Children.)


For more information, contact Betsy Justis at 1-563-344-6481, 1-800-947-2329 extension 6481, or email .

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