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Second Chance Reading

Second Chance Reading addresses reading deficits for secondary students who otherwise would struggle with the demands of the secondary curriculum. It is designed by Dr. Beverly Showers and has been implemented across the Iowa since 2005.

Second Chance Reading focuses on comprehension skills but also targets vocabulary development and fluency in both fiction and non-fiction textual materials. The course is designed specifically for middle and high school students who are reading below grade level.

The program incorporates several strands:
1. Extensive independent reading at studentsí recreational level
2. Vocabulary development at both age-appropriate and recreational reading levels
3. Comprehension instruction for both lower- and higher-order comprehension tasks in fiction and non-fiction materials
4. Fluency instruction and monitoring
5. Writing as an assist to comprehension

Please refer to the syllabus for list of materials needed prior to the start of the course. Please verify with the AEA that the course will run before making the purchases. 563-344-6481
Course Syllabus

Instructor: Rita Butlett
Session 6930
Dates: 6/13/16, 6/14/16, 6/15/16, 9/27/16, 1/24/17
Time: 9:00-4:00
Location: No. Scott Jr. High on Monday, address: 502 S 5th Street, Eldrige, IA 52748 (563) 285-8272
(Instructor will let registrants know if future classes changes location to PV Jr. High)
$360 for 2 Drake Credits
$220 for 2 Relicensure credits
$120 for audit/no credit

The district will be responsible for ordering reading comprehension diagnostic materials, formative assessments, and classroom book libraries as recommended by the instructor.

For more information about Drake Univ. EDMA credit visit Drake Credit Info on the MBAEA Professional Development webpage.


For more information, contact Betsy Justis at 1-563-344-6481, 1-800-947-2329 extension 6481, or email .

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