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Note: Courses with [A] have available sessions.
Bullet AAC: Fostering Emergent Literacy [A]
Bullet AAC: Read-Set-Goal! [A]
Bullet Acadience Math Data Interpretation [A]
Bullet Acadience Math Essentials Workshop [A]
Bullet ACCESS/PCG Meetings [A]
Bullet All Access: Exploring the Possibilities of Alternative Access and AAC [A]
Bullet Are you ´Audit Ready?´ - College and Career Benchmark Measures [A]
Bullet ATSI and TSI Networking Training
Bullet Best Practices in District Level Comprehensive Planning Training [A]
Bullet Best Practices in Teaching and Learning Mathematics Summer Kick-Off Conference [A]
Bullet Code.org CS Fundamentals - Deep Dive [A]
Bullet Curriculum Directors Council [A]
Bullet Early Numeracy Day 2 [A]
Bullet Environmentally Engineer Your Classroom [A]
Bullet Evidence Based Practices Related to Problem Solving Schemas within MTSS Framework [A]
Bullet Federal Programs Monitoring Overview and Best Practices [A]
Bullet Future Ready Comprehensive Planning Portal Training [A]
Bullet Gifted Networking [A]
Bullet Give Me 5! Five Great Tools for Teaching and Supporting Unity or LAMP Words for Life [A]
Bullet Individual, Workplace, and Classroom Safety [A]
Bullet Intro to 3D Printing [A]
Bullet Lego Mindstorm Ev3 [A]
Bullet Makey Makey [A]
Bullet Math Manipulatives in Grades 3-9 [A]
Bullet NISL´s System Design Benchmarking
Bullet PA-LETRS(Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading&Spelling)-Module 10 - Syllabication & Decoding [A]
Bullet PIIC Coaches Networking Meeting [A]
Bullet PIMS Data Quality Network [A]
Bullet Principal´s Leadership Academy This session is new [A]
Bullet Principals Understanding how to Lead Special Education (PULSE) [A]
Bullet PurpleOne: Dynamics of Domestic Violence and the Impact on Victims; Bystander Intervention [A]
Bullet School Climate Evaluation and Celebration [A]
Bullet Special Education Council Meetings [A]
Bullet Student Assistance Program (SAP) Training [A]
Bullet Teacher in the Workplace (TIW) Targeted Grant Recipients This session is new [A]
Bullet Text-Dependent Analysis (TDA) & Instructional Practices for Administrators [A]
Bullet Texthelp Tools for Inclusion This session is new [A]
Bullet The Wild Card [A]
Bullet Universal Design for Learning/Differentiated Instruction/Accessibility/Essentialization with Literac [A]
Bullet WCSD - Executive Functioning 02.17.20 [A]
Bullet WCSD - New Employee Monthly Meetings 2019-2020 [A]
Bullet WCSD - Nix the Tricks: Avoiding Math Shortcuts 2019-2020 [A]
Bullet WCSD - SWPBIS Sustaining Day 2 Training for SAES & EES 2.4.20 [A]
Bullet WCSD - SWPBIS Sustaining Day 2 Training for WAEC & Beaty 2.5.20 [A]
Bullet WCSD - SWPBIS Sustaining Day 3 Training for SAES & EES 3.31.20 [A]
Bullet WCSD - SWPBIS Sustaining Day 3 Training for WAEC & Beaty 4.1.20 [A]
Bullet WCSD - SWPBIS Universal Day 2 Training 2.6.20 [A]
Bullet WCSD - SWPBIS Universal Day 3 Training 4.3.20 [A]


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