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Autism-Integrated Play Groups
This workshop is for SLP´s, parents, agency personnel, guidance counselors, social workers, special education teachers, autistic support teachers, school psychologist, elementary education teachers.

This introductory seminar addresses the unique and complex challenges children on the autism spectrum encounter in peer relations and play.

Participants will become familiar with the principles and practices comprising Integrated Play Groups, a model designed to support children with autism (novice players) in mutually enjoyed play experiences with typical peers/siblings (expert players) within home, school, community and therapy settings.

Based on award-winning research, the Integrated Play Groups (IPG model) has been found to be effective in enhancing reciprocal social interaction, communication, play and imagination in children of diverse ages and abilities with autism, Asperger’s and related social-communicative needs.

Participants will become familiar with: • Theories on the nature of autism spectrum disorders, peer relations and play • Principles of the Integrated Play Groups model • Methods to assess social and symbolic play variations in children on the autism spectrum • Methods to guide children’s peer socialization, communication, play and imagination • Methods for designing supportive play environments • Methods for designing quality peer play programs


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