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Differentiated Instruction Strategies for the Classroom
“Differentiated Instruction: Strategies for the Classroom” is a course for Teachers in grades K-12 and meets the following professional development criteria: content knowledge, teaching skills, reading comprehension, and techniques and strategies. Participants will complete a written project, performance assessment and an action plan for implementation. Participants will be assessed using a multiple choice pre and post assessment. Scores on the post assessment must be at least 80%.

With the passing of the “No Child Left Behind” (NCLB) legislation, teachers are now faced with the task of meeting the needs of all students in their respective classrooms. This can be a challenging task, with students displaying a wide variety of needs. Differentiated instruction, a philosophical framework which supports a wide variety of content, tools, tasks and strategies, is one of the best options available to today’s educator.

“Differentiated Instruction: Strategies for the Classroom” is a one credit, four week long course (30 hours). It will be conducted online in a differentiated style, in order to address the learning needs of the adult participants, to model many of the best practices, and to allow for multiple modes for reflection. Participants will be encouraged to read text, search for resources, make connections to practice, and to share expertise in a community of practice around the topic of Differentiated Instruction. Required assignments include: reading assignments, discussion board participation, pre and post assessments, and an individual final project in the form of a written paper, a PowerPoint, video presentation, or other media-based showcase of knowledge.

Students may expect to spend approximately 10 hours per week (for the first two weeks) reading, researching and participating in online group activities. The following two weeks (10 hours) will be utilized for completing a project, the post-test, reflections, and course evaluations.

This course is online and available for 24 hours a day during the term of the course. Participants have 2 weeks from the end of the course to finish work.

This is an online course. You will receive specific information concerning this course or workshop on the day before the start date. A User ID, password and link to the course site will be emailed to you at that time, there will not be any additional electronic communications before then.

All students Must Purchase own book. Title: Differentiated Instructional Strategies: One Size Doesn´t Fit All, 2nd Edition by Gayle H. Gregory & Carolyn Chapman ISBN: 1-4129-3640-3.

Participants must have a working knowledge of computers and Internet use, high speed Internet access, and a working email account for the duration of the course.

Make sure your email address and PDE ID# is correct in your account on this site.

Students Must Purchase the required text.
Required text: Differentiated Instructional Strategies: One Size Doesn´t Fit All, 2nd Edition; Author Gayle H. Gregory & Carolyn Chapman. ISBN: 978-1412936408


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