Wisdomwhere Updates - January 2021


New Features

Custom Form Fields for Registration Forms

These fields were previously only available to add to events. Now you can customize registration forms with any custom field that you need.

Email Attendance Sheet Link

A link to the attendance sheet can now be emailed to the role selected in the confirmation message/email template. Contact support if you would like this feature turned on.

Extended Evaluation Reminders

In addition to the evaluation reminder that is sent the day after the session, you can now send a reminder at the specified interval until the registrant completes the evaluation.

Session Maintenance

  • The evaluation section has been moved down the page
  • Days to Complete and Must Complete By have been moved into the evaluation section
  • Assign the first evaluation notice and the reminder emails in this section
  • Add special evaluation instructions that can be embedded in the email templates

Confirmation Messages (Email Templates)

Create as many evaluation emails and evaluation reminder emails as needed


Admin Backend

Session Maintenance

Improved wording to make it more clear how to add days and cost/unit options.


We've added a certificate of completion icon to the attendance page if your subscription includes a certificate.

Custom Reports

The Display Start Time has been added to Custom Reports.


Questions that haven't been assigned to an evaluation can be deleted.

Districts & Buildings

Added the MCES code to District & Building Maintenance, as well as Custom Reports


Clients using LDAP authentication can opt for automatic nightly sync with their local data store.

Public Frontend


The keyword search field now searches the session title on the Search Session List page.

Registrant's Event Details

Important Information and Online Website Link have been added to the registrant's event details page.

Registrant's Evaluation List

  • Added a list of expired sessions
  • Improved wording on page
  • The registrant will no longer be prompted to enter attendance codes when saving the code they just entered
  • The Maximum Participants and Open Seats have been removed from the session description on the evaluation page


Online sessions with no days are now sorted into the list by the session display start date.


Admin Backend


Editing an existing session to add a unit type where none existed before didn't automatically select the unit group that was identified as the default in Unit Group Maintenance.
The "Generate Code" attendance code button was not working for online sessions with no days.


Admin Evaluation Maintenance

It is no longer possible to "Assign Evaluation Questions" without selecting an Evaluation to assign them to.

Registration Page

The attendance code and evaluation completion status are now displayed on the individual registration page.

Group Registration

Group registration was not adding a balance when a unit with a cost was selected.

Registrant Broadcast

The broadcast page stopped reporting the number of emails sent after a period of time. It may be possible for this to happen even though the timeout limit has been increased to its maximum amount, so the following message is now displayed: "If this page doesn't refresh automatically. Please click here to view the broadcast status."

Confirmation Messages

The registrant's email is now available to append to email templates.

Custom Reports

There was an error on the report when sorting by position.


Copying a location and saving the new location resulted in a "Location Name already exists" error.

Ad Hoc Approvals/Workflows

  • The workflow report was not displaying all approvers in a workflow, just the last one.
  • The approval page now saves selected search and sorting options after you edit a record.


  • Users can now be deactivated without entering the required information.
  • Inactive users are now displayed on the attendance page, session page, and certificate.


The QueryCourseByDateWithSubCategory method did not return sessions that had no subcategory assigned.

Public Frontend

Peer Groups

  • Peer sessions were listed as inactive to the peer client.
  • Peer sessions are now included when using the Group By Peer search option when your client settings are such that peer session would normally require the registrant to check "Include Peer Sessions."


The attendance page filters for Special Needs, Admin Comment, Waitlist, and Other remained unchecked after selecting a session with no registrants.

Registrant's Event Pages

The event name is now linked to the event details page for In Progress and Incomplete events.


Registrants were prompted to enter an attendance code for evaluation that didn't have a code set up.

Conference Registration

The online session website section has been removed from the conference description until after a person has registered for the conference.

Event Registration

  • Inactive events allowed registration if a registrant had a direct link to the session page, and the registration cut off date was in the future.

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