Wisdomwhere updates for May 2020

Wisdomwhere Updates

This release includes a few improvements and bug fixes.


  • Locations have the option to include a link to an external map site.  We’re now using Google Maps instead of Yahoo Maps.
  • You can now include Driving Directions in a confirmation or reminder message template.
  • The text of a registrant broadcast email is now available in the Email Queue Summary report. We’ve added Created By/Updated By details to the bottom of the email details page.
  • The district summary report now has the option to include registrants that have not been marked attended.
  • The Event Category, Sub Category, Primary, and Secondary Reg Forms, Contact Name, and Confirmation Message dropdowns are now searchable.
  • The session unit type dropdown is now searchable.
  • The session title has been added to the Search Results as Sessions page.  


  • The Sub-Area of Interests form showed the option to include the interests on a public menu when adding a new interest, even if your site wasn’t configured to use interests as a side menu.
  • The "Days to Complete" field disappeared when adding a credit type to an online session.
  • Extension Granted (for completing an evaluation) was defaulting to yes when registering someone on the admin side for an online session with an Auto Attendance Code.
  • Master No Credit sessions for conferences no longer require an instructor.
  • Event Areas of Interest are now available in Custom Reports.
  • A registrant’s Event Details page for an upcoming event didn’t show the session’s scheduled dates and times.
  • Registrant Broadcast Emails sometimes didn’t return registrants when searching by an event name.
  • The registrant broadcast Email Queue Summary now uses your local time zone to show when an email was sent.
  • The public search Results as Sessions showed the registration start date instead of the session start date for online sessions.
  • Uploaded Document changes are now logged in the system log.

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