Wisdomwhere updates for June 13, 2019

Wisdomwhere Updates

This release includes a new feature, a few improvements and bug fixes.

New Feature

Grant Payments

Set up grants with a code to be used at registration that will discount the cost of a session 100%. Contact us if you would like this feature added to your subscription at no charge.

  • The grant can have an expiration date and be inactivated any time.
  • Each grant can have as many codes as you want.
  • Codes can have an expiration date and be made inactive at any time.


Time Zone Settings

All times are now displayed in your current time zone rather than Eastern Time.

Added the option to split personal session lists into batches of 500 registrants.


Customizable Name Badges were displaying an extra logo if the heading used on the badge matched a registrant’s district.

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