Wisdomwhere updates for July 2020

Wisdomwhere Updates

Wisdomwhere updates for July 2020

This release includes a few improvements and bug fixes.



We have two new reports available

  • New Accounts – Displays a list of accounts created in a given date range. The default date range is 1 year.
  • Duplicate Accounts – Displays a list of duplicate accounts in the system, matching on the first name, last name, and email address.

Ad Hoc Approvals/Workflows

Administrators can now delete requests for instances when canceling the request isn’t appropriate.


There are four filters available on the attendance page:

  • Special Needs/Comments
  • Admin Comment
  • Waiting List
  • Other

I think the only explanation needed is that “Other” is all registrations where the registrant is not on a Waiting List or doesn’t have Special Needs/Comments or Admin Comments. If a checkbox isn't displayed, that session doesn't have any registrants that fit the criteria.



Two new methods have been added to the API.

  • GetSubCategoryByCategory - Gets all subcategories for a give category name
  • QueryCourseWithSubCategory - Includes the subcategory in the query results. It works the same as QueryCourseByCategory, so you will pass in the category name, but the subcategory will be returned as an additional field in the results.

Email Templates

There is now a Waitlist Removal section in the confirmation email templates. This will allow you to customize the email that is automatically sent when a registrant is removed from the waiting list.

Evaluation Reminder Emails

We added new rules around sending evaluation reminder emails for online sessions.

  • When there is a session date, send the reminder after the last date.
  • If there is a must complete by date or a number of days to complete, the reminder will be sent 7 days prior to whichever occurs first.
  • If there are session days AND days to complete, the reminder is sent after the last date AND  7 days prior to the must complete by or the number of days to complete, whichever occurs first.
  • If the evaluation has been completed, no reminder is sent.


  • Peer Sessions were missing on the Search Results as Sessions Page.
  • If an uploaded document is deleted, we now display a page explaining that the document has been removed.
  • There was an error running custom reports when event interests were relabeled to “Interests” instead of “Interest”.
  • There was an error sending the conference confirmation email if either the waiting list section or online section were empty.
  • The attendance page is now refreshed when the waiting list is updated.
  • Ad Hoc Approval Requests were not showing dates after approval.
  • Ad Hoc Approval Requests generated an error when more than one date was added to a form in a repeater control.
  • Searching for events or sessions with a registered trademark symbol (®) in the name returned no results.
  • There was an error accessing very old events that didn’t have any value for the instructor reminder email.
  • Editing a district to add an apostrophe caused an error.

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