Steps to Indiana Teacher Certification

Steps to Teacher Certification in Indiana

If you’re looking to become a teacher in Indiana I have great news for you.  The Indiana Department of Education provides the most comprehensive step by step instructions of any state I’ve researched.  Simply visit their website and click the boxes that apply to your situation.  Their automated system will guide you through your certification journey every step of the way.  This general overview will give you an idea of what to expect and help you understand the required credentials before you begin your certification process.

As in most states, your path to certification depends on your current education and employment status.

If you are beginning college: 

If you have declared an education major at an accredited Indiana college or university, your path to certification will be simple and straightforward.  All Indiana teacher preparation institutions assure that you are assigned a licensing advisor to guide you through the process and make your license recommendation.  Please note that you can NOT begin the application process prior to graduation.  If you do, your license will not be approved.  In addition to required coursework you’ll need to pass the IN CORE Assessment in basic skills as well as the Indiana Developmental/Pedagogy Exam.  You’ll also need a current CPR card and a valid Suicide Prevention Certificate.

If you have a bachelor’s degree in a subject other than education:

Indiana offers a variety of unique paths to certification for individuals hoping to make a career change. There is a program just for military members, Troops to Teaching, a special program for holders of advanced degrees planning to teach their subject of expertise and a more general program, Transition to Teaching (T2T).  You can find in depth information about each of the programs here.  In general, each program requires approximately 20 hours of applicable coursework as well as classroom experience.  Applicants to all alternative certification programs will also be required to pass Indiana licensures examinations.  Applicants in the T2T program may be issued a T2T permit while still enrolled in college and prior to earning their practitioner license. 

If you are already certified in another state:

The Indiana Department of Education is quite friendly to out of state applicants and offers reciprocity with many states.  In order to earn your Indiana license you’ll need to follow the out of state application process and provide some documentation including transcripts, educational experience verification letters and a copy of your out of state license.  You’ll also be required to obtain a valid CPR certification and a Suicide Prevention Certificate.  Additionally, the state of Indiana requires all out of state applications to pass subject area tests for any endorsements to be listed on their Indiana teaching license.  You can read more about the specifics of the out of state application process and find step by step instructions on the Indiana Department of Education website

Indiana has a unique tiered system of teacher certification.  First time teachers earn a 2-year renewable Initial Practitioner license.  While in the classroom, new teachers are required to complete the Indiana Mentoring and Assessment Program (IMAP) in order to advance to tier two and earn their 5-year renewable Proficient Practitioner license.Whatever your current status, be sure to keep careful track of your progress and to follow each step as required by the state.  These two websites will help you prepare for and track your certification journey.  The IN CORE Assessments Homepage explains testing requirements, handles registration and allows you to view practice tests.  The LVIS Online Application System is where you’ll upload all required documentation.  It’s also where you will be able to find and print your license once it has been awarded.  Best of luck to you in your journey to become an Indiana teacher.  

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