Central PD Registry

Providing single-source information for indivdual PD credits regardless of where they're earned, our Central PD Registry (CPDR) system collects information from all PD credit sponsors state-wide via an easy CSV file upload. Further, at the LEA or service agency level, our Coursewhere system provides easy online registration to collect registrant information and then seamlessly sends the attendance detail of those high quality PD events to the central PD registry.

Do I have enough?

Given that Professional Development can be offered throughout a region or state, keeping track of those high-quality PD credits can be challenging.  To help administrators and educators stay on top of what, where and when PD credits are earned, the CPDR makes it easy for an educator to safely organize and access those units in one location regardless of where they are earned.

This is possible because all PD event sponsors can upload finalized rosters of their events to the secure CPDR after they're held. Wisdomwhere users can do this with a click of a button while other sponsors can upload via a CSV file or by direct manual entry, with any errors well documented and easily correctable.

Was the event effective?

CPDR also centrally collects timely information from each attendee of each event via a mandatory evaluation immediately after the sponsor upload. This means that feedback is immediate so improvements to a program or course can be made quickly.

The CPDR can not only provide a certificate of completion or an official transcript - saving time and money at every level - it can optionally accept credit card payment for those services.

As an accurate repository, the system can link or upload the data to other legacy HR or certification systems as well.

The Central PD Registry is powerful, secure, ready to implement, and frees up resources at every level. Because it's customizable, we guarantee that it will meet the specific requirements of your DOE or consortium.

Please call 231-935-3000 for more information and a demonstration.