Central PD Approval System

Quality Assurance for PD Programs

To insure new LEA PD courses meet core standards, a structured approval process that makes sure the fundamentals are there helps insure that the level of quality for PD events is high.

High quality PD is a key part of raising teacher effectiveness and our Central PD Approval system helps by making sure that the elements of the PD events meet the organization's requirements.

Providing the important information in an online paperless application process, LEA sponsors submit the required event detail via the web in a centralized approval process. The approver can dialogue with the sponsor through the system as necessary until approval is denied or granted.

Having met the organization's standards and been approved, courses, workshops, regional meetings, and conferences are automatically posted with real-time detail to a consortium-wide or statewide web-based PD event catalog.

Any educator can then view all PD events locally or regionally and, finding one of interest, can drill down to the event sponsor's website for online registration (via Coursewhere) or for further information if the sponsor's site has no registration capability.

Because PD events can be viewed by interest or job area, by subject, category, location, calendar view or credit type, the educator or administrator will be assured of finding accurate, timely information anytime and anywhere there is internet access.

This means reduced overhead for everyone because of fewer phone calls seeking information, no printed catalog, and high quality Professional Development, and higher "customer" satisfaction. The approval process can even include a sponsor request for approval fee by credit card, if appropriate.

Our Central PD Approval System is customizable and secure and only allows access and PD event submission by pre-authorized sponsor administrators. Because the process is controlled and structured based on the needs of the organization or consortium, the quality and type of PD offerings can be guided and sustained.

For more information on the features and benefits of a customized PD Event Approval system for your organization, big or small, please contact us.